Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Leftism is universal acid

Daniel Dennett once said that Natural Selection was universal acid - in that it consumed everything in came in contact with - including any container it was put in.

But he was wrong about that - mainstream evolutionists are in practice highly selective in their application of evolutionary theory and particularly reluctant to follow Darwin's lead and apply it to understanding historical and geographical differences between humans. They seem quite happy to pretend that Natural Selection has been empirically verified as the single explanation of all forms of life on earth, while denying the vastly documented evidence of adaptation within the human species.

Evolutionists are, in a nutshell, selective about applying evolutionary theory because they are Leftists - and it is Leftism that determines how natural selection is used. 

Because it is Leftism that is the universal acid - or the nearest known approach to that mythic substance.

Leftism eats away at whatever container it is put in - whether that container be religion, science, education, the legal system, the military or whatever. All these started out carrying a small beaker of Leftism, and ended-up being dissolved into Leftism.

And Leftism really is like acid - it destroys the functionality of all social systems, reduces them to a confluent lagoon of Leftism - but does not thereby unify them. Religions may dominate social systems, and make them cohere into the shape imposed by the religion; but Leftism subverts social systems so that they blend without coherence; they join up to make a chaos, a Brownian motion of randomly jiggling radical notions.

I have seen this again and again - I have seen many individual people incrementally consumed by Leftism - starting-out as vocational scientists, academics doctors, teachers, librarians... but over the decades worked upon by the vessel of Leftism they harboured, becoming corrupted into routinely-dishonest, gibbering slogan-mongers.

And the same has happened to all the major social systems of Britain - all are increasingly indistinguishable, all have been corroded by the acid of Leftism and expend their core energies espousing the identical set of subversive Leftist causes.

Yes - it is Leftism that is the true universal acid.