Thursday, 3 December 2015

The end and death of politics and current affairs

Considering the considerable volume of sociopolitical punditry that I have emitted from my gob and pen over the years; maybe this is the resolution to go cold turkey by a hopeless junkie - but I have had enough of pointlessly pointing out the obvious; and now feel inclined simply to shut-up and suffer in silence (rather than rage-raging against the dying of the light).

The loop of spiritual rejection and consequence is well set as far as I can see in all directions; and there seems a general satisfaction at the prospect before us.

Of course there is some half-hearted denial of where self-hatred and nihilism will lead - but I intuit the intent of mass suicide (plus, maybe some mass humane killing) as a way to 'escape' the inevitable consequences of hedonic secular Leftism.

I intuit in the hearts of many, many Men a secret plan to die just as things begin to fall apart, and before personal suffering gets too bad - and with the smug assurance of having done the right thing.

This frame of mind lies far beyond reach of soi disant clever punditry, beyond reach of any conceivable earthly campaign. I am convinced that it is a snare, and counter productive, to engage.

The greatest act of faith is actually to have faith  - faith that right thoughts and attitudes and personal actions will be of the greatest possible value (given that all possibilities are contingent upon a multitude of autonomous individual choices).