Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Why have the hard-Left focused so strategically and relentlessly on Israel-'Palestine'?

I could never really take seriously the hard Left's continual focus on Israel-Palestine issues - why so crazily obsess about the travails and misdemeanours of a country the size and population of Scotland, in a sea of enemies? - until I was confronted with it on a regular basis in the context of serving on a trades union committee that had been thoroughly infiltrated by the Socialist Worker's Party.

(Yes, it really happened to me! Hard though it is to believe...)

Almost every meeting finished with us discussing an anti-Israel or pro-'Palestinian' agenda item. And these agenda items have never gone away, but crop-up recurrently wherever the Left has most influence.

Why has the Left chosen to make Israel a long-term, strategic, relentless, focus for propaganda and action? We can be sure that there must be a a very good reason - 'good' that is in terms of the Left's goals of subverting, destroying and ultimately inverting the Good.

Fist we need to note that the Left obsession began only in the mid 1960s and built up over the next decade. After Israel was formed the Left loved it - but early Israel was an idealistic secular socialist state. So part of the Left's hatred of Israel comes from Israel's abandonment of extreme Leftism.

But this is not enough to account for the sustained focus. The Left focuses on Israel because it is the Holocaust State, the refuge for the most famous victim group of modern times - and the modern view of the Holocaust was itself a post-60s (and Leftist) phenomenon.

The Left recognizes that to have succeeded (as they have) in confusing, subverting and finally inverting the moral status of Israel-specifically and above all others; represents an existential triumph of the first order.

The annihilation of Israel (which the Left hopes and plans for) would therefore be one of the greatest of all victories for evil - precisely because-of the symbolic role of Israel (which the Left itself helped to create).

But it is not the 'mere' annihilation of Israel that the Left craves - it is for that annihilation to be accepted, even celebrated - even, or especially, by the Jews themselves.

And that is the goal and reason for the Leftist obsession with Israel. 

And, yes - it is a very pure form of evil. Exactly.

Note: I do not propose to discuss the Israel-'Palestine' situation except to say that it really is not complicated - unless you want to make it complicated. At any rate it is no more complicated than anything else of its kind - and the fact that so many moder people deny that there are goodies and baddies, or invert them, is merely a sign of moral corruption. Also, I use 'Palestine' in quotes because the term is ambiguous - the Left talks of 'Palestine' partly as an existing, partly an aspirational nation state - but the Arab division of the former British Mandate was created at the same time as Israel and still exists - and is called Jordan. So Jordan already-is the nation state of Palestine.It may also be worth clarifying that my understanding is that the intelligence behind this whole strategy is Satan; and that the many evil humans involved are merely servants, dupes, idiots, pawns and mercenaries - who will themselves be next on the list when Satan has finished this work.