Saturday, 5 December 2015

My blogging persona - honest yet radically incomplete

It seems that I may have misled some readers recently: I am not, in fact, in any kind of desperate psychological state - but I can see how that might have been the impression created.

My sincere thanks to those who have expressed sympathy and offered assistance.

Although I do not blog about it, because it is private; I am, perhaps more than anybody I know, a family man. My life is rooted, and much of my time every day is spent, in this close and loving environment - with school age children still at home. I have indeed been exceptionally fortunate.

The blog is my public face, and not the most important aspect of my being - it is written by a persona: honest (so far as it goes - although not completely and explicitly truth-full, because that is illegal and dangerous in Britain); and certainly not false, but it is radically and deliberately incomplete. 

So, inevitably, blog readers who know me only from blogging, probably do not know me in an holistic fashion; because the most important thing about my life does not get onto this blog.

Therefore, when the voice who writes this blog seems to be miserable and desperate; it is quite possible, indeed more than likely, that the man behind the voice is 'in a good place'.