Sunday 24 November 2019

Britain and the European Union - from William Wildblood

William Wildblood gives his take on the problem of the European Union:

The EU wants to be an empire, a European empire on a par with Russia or China or the USA. However, it has no roots in anything traditionally European which means Christian. It is more like an attempt to recreate the Napoleonic empire that actually was a disruption of the true European ideal in that it was based on a materialistic conception of human beings. The EU observes the same principle, the principle that the true end of man lies in this world and that his individuality must be subsumed in an overall collectivism, one based on inclusivity rather than quality. Individuality is theoretically encouraged but only within the limiting framework of an agreed set of restrictions.

I am against the EU because it means more government, more control, more bureaucracy, more domination by unaccountable elites, more centralisation, more secrecy. It means less freedom, less individuality, less honesty, less humanity. It means succumbing to the technocrats and proud rationalists who inhabit a world of ideology and abstract theory that has very little connection to the flesh and blood reality of human needs and desires, indeed human nature itself, let alone spiritual truths. The European Union is and always has been an organisation that is intended to override national sovereignty and eventually sink all the countries which form it into a supranational body run by an elite who see themselves as accountable to no one except themselves. This is the ideology of the cold intellectual who denies all natural human instincts in the name of his frigid theories.

I agree - but (as usual) would be more hard-line and simply say that the EU is (obviously...) an evil organisation: it aims at evil, that is it aims at the subversion, destruction and inversion of values: the EU is against God, Good and creation.

I do not regard this as something that requires proof - only personal observation, experience and the ability to use common sense and basic reason.

For someone adult, who has lived for a few years under the EU (or in my case more than 40 years); to ask for further 'evidence' (whatever that might mean) simply shows that you are already corrupted, already on the wrong side.

(And of course, nearly-everybody is on the wrong side; for Satan and against God: that is normal.)

(Not least - the EU is a master bureaucracy, and bureaucracy is intrinsically evil - surely we ought to be able to discern this by now?)

If you are on the wrong side, that is your problem, to be addressed by finding God and recovering coherence in your thinking; acknowledging reality; learning to understand and know from your own resources rather than secondhand and by idle deference to obviously corrupted pseudo-authorities.

That Britain should leave the EU is a no-brainer; which means that if you can't see the need, you have - in effect, functionally, and by your own choices - 'no brain'.

And, I repeat; that is ultimately your problem, no-one else's...


James Higham said...

“ However, it has no roots in anything traditionally European which means Christian.”

The essence.

dearieme said...

"anything traditionally European which means Christian". Or it could refer to those peoples who spoke Celtic languages before they were so rudely interrupted by Romans and Krauts.

William Wildblood said...

It was relatively easy to convert the Celts to Christianity because they recognised Christ as the fulfilment of their tradition. Columba who was educated by a druid said " Christ is my Druid". Celtic Christianity combined the best of both worlds, a recognition of the sacredness of creation with a recognition of the truth of the Incarnation.