Friday 22 November 2019

Which groups should Not be allowed to vote?

I heard that a recent opinion poll reported that about half of young people believe that 'old people' (such as myself) should not be allowed to vote in elections. That sounds like a great idea; indeed, probably it would be best if only children and youths were able to vote.

But I would like to add some more groups to the prohibited list.

First Christians: Christians, such as myself, should not be allowed to vote; for obvious reasons. Only those of other religions or no-religion should be able to vote. But not all of them.

Those who are in full-time employment probably ought to be disenfranchised. Such people tend to be greedy when it comes to taxes and the like - interfering with programmes of an egalitarian nature. It would be much better if those who needed taxes were the only voters (not just the majority, as now) on how much tax should be raised, and how tax money should be spent.

Let's restrict voting to those in full-time education, the minimally-economically-active, those on benefits, the unemployed, oh yes - and criminals...

Maybe only those who have been convicted should be voting, and those with jail time should have two votes apiece. It deserves serious consideration...

Similarly, those who are married and with families don't 'deserve' a vote; and the bigger their families the less they deserve it. These people are nearly as bad as Christians. Voters should be single, unattached, mobile, fun-loving and freewheeling folk; the kind of people who participate in demonstrations would be ideal...

Clearly the English ought not to be permitted to vote. It is the English who mostly supported Brexit; and they need to be punished. Voters should come from only the Welsh (except, maybe not, because they supported Brexit too...), Scots and Irish...

On second thoughts; only those who were born elsewhere than the British Isles should be allowed to vote in UK elections; since they are least likely to be Nationalists/ Fascists - Indeed, maybe (to be on the safe side) it would be best to abolish white people's voting privileges and be done with it.

Actually, let's abolish votes for men - since men are to blame for everything. That would be hard luck on those women who have 'transitioned', but maybe there could be exceptions?

You may think I am joking: far from it.

If you understand the reason for 'democracy' and the nature and function of voting; then you will realise that it might do immense good if the great majority of people (the larger the majority the better) were prevented from voting; for the same reason that it would be a good thing if hardly anybody voted in the forthcoming UK election.

It would, at least, be a step in the right direction; because restricting the franchise is a move towards abolishing the franchise - which would make it clear that In Real Life we are living (here, now) in an evil totalitarian bureaucracy. And until we recognise the fact, nothing can happen to reverse it.

Consequently, IRL voting will not be restricted, far from it; but, on the contrary, continue to be extended and extended (and, of course, corrupted, subverted and fixed).


David said...

Depressing stuff! Unfortunately it sounds like a fairly accurate summary of the currently insane way of approaching politics generally and life more specifically.

Perhaps foolish but I am tempted to turn out to Vote but then Cross out the various parties and write: I place my faith in Jesus Christ our lord and Saviour in this Sinful world and draw a box next to it, and tick it. I don't want to vote for anybody, I want to place my faith in them to go good and serve God's will. If government services cannot or will not do that, why would I place my faith in them, again and again, ad infinitum?!

Cererean said...

Speaking of extending the franchise... that's one of Labour's promises. They want to give it to every resident of the UK - and add far more residents too. If they win, then in five years time they won't have to worry about losing, since the five million or so new voters they will have imported will guarantee them victory.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - Indeed. So long as people regard voting as a privilege and democracy as the only and best way of decision making - then there will always be scope for this kind of vote pandering / gerrymandering/ buyng and importing new voters.

Meanwhile, there is zero interest in the honesty of the voting process and counting; comsequently these have declined decisively with intrinsic unreliability, and serious abuses ignored and forgotten.

Meanwhile the biggest and emptiest fake of all time ('Climate Change') is the primary concern of the political class - because it is the rationale for totalitarian takeover.

What to do? Well people ought - publicly, by groups, and en masse - to refuse to particpate in this evil system; and should instead act in their own lives (in every possible way) to minimise collaboration and support. But that won't happen until the evil is recognised, and that won't happen until Romantic Christianity (because wiating for institutional Christianity to act and lead, will be to wait until it is too late).

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The Baby Boomers should never have been allowed to vote. Only now that they’re old are people finally starting to realize that. Too little too late if you ask me!