Saturday, 16 November 2019

The first thing you need to know

What do you want to happen when you die? Really, deep down, what?

Because, until you know what you want, you can't know how to lead this mortal life.

Do you want to become extinct at death - for consciousness to cease, and there be nothing left of your mind.

Do you want, above all, an end to suffering of all kinds - do you want to be around when that happens? 

Do you want to live in the constant present moment of bliss? If so, then do you want to be a part of deity, alone, or in a communal bliss?

Do you want to come back and incarnate as another person, or some other entity? 

Do you want to experience your fantasies? Live in a sensuous paradise? Do you want all your wishes to come true - with other people willing and obedient to them? Do you want to be so powerful that everything shall be arranged to your personal satisfaction?

Do you want to be resurrected to eternal life, and go to the Heaven of loving persons and dwell with God the creator, and with the Christ? If so, what will you actually do in Heaven? (Because that may make a difference to how you lead this mortal life.)

First, you need to know what you most want; then whether you can actually have it (i.e. what kind of reality this is); then (if it is possible) what to do in order to get it.

But first you need to know what You want; because not everybody will necessarily have exactly the same destination after death: there may well be some choice in these matters...