Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Christianity includes Nirvana - Nirvana regards Christianity as illusion

I don't see why full creating members of the resurrected Heavenly Family would not be able to take 'Nirvana holidays' - much as we need to sleep, and enjoy sleeping.

Indeed, since we are God's beloved children whom he naturally wishes to be happy - insofar as this is harmonious with loving creation; Nirvana is part of why Heaven is Heavenly...

In this way the Christian Heaven includes the Eastern Nirvana - whereas by contrast Nirvana-seekers regard Heaven (like the mortal earthly life) as merely maya/ illusion (due to the false perspective of self/ ego).

The situation is Not, therefore, 'symmetrical' between these traditions and aspirations.

I repeat: Christianity includes Nirvana as a valid albeit 'lower' reality; but Nirvana regards Christianity as mere illusion.

Note: This continues from yesterday's blog post...