Saturday 2 November 2019

God made Time - Time came from love

God made Time, and it was Good...

To yearn to escape Time, to seek Time-less-ness is to reject creation; and the actual love of Beings.

Being entails Time: a being exists dynamically and through-Time. And it is Beings who love - love is between Beings, and Love happens through-Time.

Outside of Time is primordial chaos. There is no Time in chaos - this is not because nothing-happens; but because in chaos change has neither purpose nor meaning - no direction.

No Time means no meaning - no purpose, no Beings, no love.

Thus Time is part of Creation.

(Creation has direction and entails Time.) 

In the beginning (of creation) God knew Time. God is our Heavenly Parents, and with the beginning of their love for each other was the beginning of Time.

The birth of Time was love.

Before the love of our Heavenly Parents, Time only existed in the individual consciousness of the inner experience of each alone.

So Time entails consciousness; Time exists only with consciousness. The first conscious Beings were the origin of Time.

It was the mutual knowing of our Heavenly Parents (from their love) by which Time became shared, hence objective.

When there was Time, creation could begin; because Time originated in love, creation is based-on love.


Lucinda said...

So combining this post with the last one, without time, we cannot be meaningfully distinct from God. God-outside is the same as God-inside.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Lucinda - No, they're different. We now can participate in time. Our Heavenly Parents began time, and we help continue it.

Lucinda said...

So time is part of creation, but outside time, ‘before’ creation, we had distinctness, but it just didn’t matter, until we became part of creation.

Bruce Charlton said...

ucinda - That's what I intended to convey!