Monday 11 November 2019

The extinction of Cognitive Dissonance in The West

From Berger Ferenc (aka Francis Berger) - an acute insight:

The West has become biggest and most effective reality-denying system the world has ever known. Acknowledging reality is not only frowned upon, but punished, whereas embracing unreality is celebrated and rewarded.

In other words, the most successful, praised, and celebrated people in the West are those who hold the uncanny ability believe in nothing but that which contradicts reality.

But do such people truly feel any sense of cognitive dissonance? Do they feel any mental discomfort or psychological stress or does that disappear when one abandons reality in favor of unreality?

If so, then cognitive dissonance might be going the way of the dodo; hand-in-hand with the West.

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Francis Berger said...

Thank you for the share, Bruce. A line in a comment you left on my blog nicely sums up the crux of what I was thinking about; so I thought it would be good to include that line here too:

"There is no dissonance between ideas whose real function is destructive."