Monday 27 April 2020

Communications from God

William Wildblood posted a very important discussion today, concerning the nature of communications from God in this day and age.

William's insights on spiritual communication are of special interest as he has seen this from both sides: as a young man he had verbal messages from, and dialogue with, angelic spirits that were channeled by a friend; in later life he has had no such communications.

His conclusion includes that:

God wants us to advance into the spiritual self, the soul which exists above the strictly phenomenal level. And he knows we are now capable of this. We have developed intellectually and are ready, or some of us are, to move on to the next stage. Thus his communication to us takes place nowadays largely at the level of the soul and is not in the form of words or even visions (both sensory) but impressions which we have to first pick up on and then translate into a mental form to understand clearly. This is where our own spiritual development comes in. We have to have enough sensibility to respond to the soul and also a mind capable of interpreting it correctly. Both are important. This is not to say that God never sends us more direct experiences or communications but often we find that is at the beginning of an individual's spiritual journey. It is to get him started, to show that the spiritual world does indeed exist. But it is a mistake to demand these things continuously or to expect them as a regular favour. It will keep us trapped at a low level of spiritual understanding if we do that.

Read the whole thing.

I would add something I learned from reading William Arkle. If we agree with Arkle that this world is the creation of God who is our loving parent; then we may assume (and confirm by prayer or meditation) that this is a world that is well-designed for our benefit - for the benefit of each of us as beloved children. But this benefit relates mainly to our eternal life, beyond biological death.

So this world is primarily a place for learning. And we can 'reverse engineer' from the nature of the world and of ourselves that these are designed such that God wants us to do as much for ourselves as possible.

God can and does step-in to save a situation - when we have not been able to cope (or are immature); but the first and best way we can learn from our lives is to work things out for ourselves, by trying and failing and trying again.

And this business of making us work to communicate with God. We cannot just sit back and be instructed by God; cannot passively wait for God to show us, tell us, speak to us.

Instead God wants us to meet him halfway. To make an effort. To be active in our part of the process of communications.

That is the free-est way.

Christianity is - after all - an opt-in religion; it must be chosen freely, consciously, actively - and the usual, expected, hoped-for mode communication with God is a part of that.

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