Sunday 12 April 2020

Looking ahead - an Easter analogy

It is sinking-in that the modern world as-a-whole has-been and is thoroughly rotten. It is revealed as both evil in motivation and extremely stupid - that ultimate stupidity which is the refusal to learn.

Now we know this; we also ought-to realise that things as-they-are should end.

What is it that should end? In broad terms; that single and inter-linked but sub-specialised System that is led by active evil, manned by ultimate stupidity - manifested in politics, the mass media, corporations, 'churches', 'science'. 'law' and 'policing', 'education', 'health' services etc.

If the birdemic reaction is the crisis, and the Western world is now dead - we are living between the crucifixion and the resurrection - except that our crucifixion was unchosen, imposed-by-evil - and was entered-into without faith in life everlasting.

Hope of resurrection therefore depends on us developing faith, hope and charity - so we are more like the ghost-like, demented, barely-conscious souls in Sheol who were (according to some interpretations) visited by Jesus after his crucifixion, and who were (presumably after having been temporarily gifted with agency) told the truth of his coming resurrection, and given the chance to follow him to life everlasting.

If we are currently in a kind of Sheol, a suspended half-life; we are being faced with the choice of Heaven or Hell, or lapsing-back-into a state of sleep-walking, barely-conscious refusal-to-learn: a refusal to be (i.e. the choice Not to know that we Are).  

Not to choose is to choose Sheol - to choose loss of selfhood, unconsciousness, mere being.

And it is our choice yours and mine; and it is the choice of each person.

The fate of our nations and civilisation (which are, unlike our-selves, temporary things - as is the planet earth, solar system and the universe) is secondary to the unavoidable individual decisions of many indestructible souls, concerning their chosen destination and fate. 

Note: I strongly recommend reading Francis Berger's Easter reflections stimulated by Dostoyevsky's novel Crime and Punishment. They are genuinely inspiring.


David Earle said...

Happy Easter, Bruce!

Frank Rogers said...

I wish a Blessed Easter for you and your family, Bruce. Christ is risen.