Monday 20 April 2020

How clever are They? Very clever, but only in destruction

The Global Establishment are, in some ways, clever - but Their cleverness is primarily destructive.

They have, for example, been very clever at first subverting then inverting Christian morality in The West - so that (for example) monogamous marriage and the natural family have been first weakened and eroded, and then transvalued into being regarded as evil (promoting them is forbidden in the UK). But this is merely destruction, because what replaced traditional morality does not work.

Politically, They have been very clever at preparing the ground for the recent global totalitarian takeover - and have cleverly linked this to the negative emotion of fear. Their favoured impersonal-inhumane transnational bureaucratic system of governance has been built on the ruins of millions of small, local, spontaneous, autonomous ways of living. But this is merely destruction, because what has been implemented does not work.

The mass media is built upon the addictive nature of short-term, attention-grabbing stimuli - on passivity and the felt-need for continual distraction. But the mass media has merely degraded the quality and value of communication.

The ideology of the Global Establishment is New Leftism (aka Political Correctness - the 'woke' ideology of Social Justice Warriors). This has evolved from the originally utopian politics of revolutionary Marxism and bureaucratic Fabian Socialism, to become an almost wholly negative, dishonest and destructive belief-system - a Hobbesian war of each-against-all.

So, They are very intelligent when it comes to negativity and destruction. But they are very stupid at positivity and creation. The best that They can manage is to select and distort already-existing ideas and motivations stolen from religion and tradition.

Their capacity for creativity is sabotaged by pervasive and spiralling dishonesty; since for Them truth is whatever is most expedient.

Their nearest approach to a morality is to favour long-termism over immediate gratification; but they have no rationale for practising this when it becomes inexpedient to do so. Dishonesty feeds-upon-itself like monetary hyper-inflation - which it much resembles in terms of destroying value.

Consequently, They do not know what is going-on because everybody, everywhere in The System is lying, spinning and hyping the truth, all the time. All Their knowledge is thus contaminated, biased, unreliable and drowned-out by noise.

Therefore, all Their action that is based on knowledge is at best inefficient, and more often simply does not achieve its aim. All the positive capability is always being undermined by false information, wrongly analysed.

They haven't a clue how to Do anything. And are thus increasingly reliant upon the mass media, public relations and propaganda to fill the gap between the virtual fantasy world of bureaucracy, and the real world of truth.  Yet, the effectiveness of the mass media is itself continually being subverted and misrepresented by the same negative impulses and tendencies as creates the gap in the first place.

What does this mean? It means that the Global Establishment have been very effective in the destructive task of making an invisible-denied totalitarian world government; which has very effectively imposed wholesale destruction all around the world - where as-of-Now - hardly anybody is doing anything useful or productive.

But They have no idea about what are and will be the real world consequences of what They have done - because all their information is based on the lies and incompetence of incapable, selfish, cowardly people. All their 'experts' are fakes; and They cannot distinguish between real ability and their own propaganda.

They have taken-over the world, destroyed the economy and trade, and destroyed civil society and organisation. They seem to believe that They can now use high technology and Artificial Intelligence to create an all-seeing, all-controlling, centralised world government.

However, this will not happen.

They have destroyed far more than They realise. It is far harder than They realise to build the world that They want - and it is beyond Their capability to do so.

It is trivially easy to break complex systems - any fool can throw sand into precision machinery. But when it comes to inventing, building and maintaining multiple and interacting functional systems - That is very difficult even for honest, competent and well-motivated people; but They will find it absolutely impossible.

Their information is wrong, Their people are incompetent, dishonest and untrustworthy. Their short-termist expediency will sabotage their capacity to create at every step.

My conclusion is that They are very clever at destruction, very dumb at creation; very clever at smashing things, utterly unable to make things work.

They may have plans and schemes - but these will come to nothing. They have cleverly broken the world, but will be unable to remake it.

Indeed, they lack even any sustained desire to do so. When push comes to shove; They will hardly even try to remake things. They will instead continue on-and-on with their work of incremental destruction, which They so much enjoy, whenever this benefits Them in the short-term.

...All the while revelling in their own cleverness, and gloating over our stupidity. 


Andrew said...

Thank you for explaining your thoughts on what the future holds. This is exactly what I was asking for with my question on your last post.

lgude said...

I see something very like this self defeating destructiveness from my more American and Australian point of view. I spent the first half of my 77 years in the US and have lived in Australia since and retain a keen sense of American politics. I was surprised at Trump's victory but the main thing I have observed since is the total inability of his opposition to do anything but to try again and again to destroy him by any and all means at their disposal. His opposition would include the Never Trump faction of the Republican party and the entire Democratic party backed by the domestic media, academia, Hollywood and the Global Establishment worldwide. You put your finger on it - they only know how to destroy and as practical people have noticed "They don't have a clue how to do anything.' Not even destroy Trump. They show no awareness that I can observe that they are confirming to everyone who voted for Trump that they were right to do so. Trump may lose the November election, but even if the establishment retakes power they have no idea that it was their project that caused Trump's election -and Brexit - and other stirrings of ordinary people and they will just go on doing the same thing. With the same result. I think what Talleyrand said of the Bourbons applies: The have forgotten nothing and they have learned nothing." So does Arnold Toynbee observation that when the dominant elite loses the confidence of the internal proletariat, the internal proletariat ceases to defend the dominant elite against the external proletariat.