Tuesday 14 April 2020

Eyes without faces - on the current rampant demonic dehumanisation.

From Francis Berger

Lockdowns, social-distancing, work-from-home, church closures, face masks, and all the rest of it can all be rationally explained away at the temporal level; and this is exactly what most people appear to be doing as they passively accept whatever restrictions are imposed upon them. But can the same be said for the spiritual level? 

I view the birdemic response as an intrinsic part of our current spiritual war. Seen from this perspective, the demonically-inspired dehumanizing elements within most of the measures we have all been ordered to take become glaringly obvious. A trace of humiliation stains all of it. 

Humans are social creatures, yet we are being ordered to social distance; to limit all non-essential travel and meetings with others; to avoid gathering in groups of more than two or three. Even when we are in public, we are being mandated to keep a two meter distance between ourselves and others. 

And when we are out in public, what do we see? Masked people. Eyes without faces. 

All the while, less visible forms of pernicious dehumanization are quietly taking place in the background as people are deprived of their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods. 

As Francis says, the dehumanising intent behind this pattern is, one would have supposed, "glaringly obvious".  Any monomania is always and intrinsically evil - but perhaps a monomania of self-preservation from a particular illness is one of the worst - because more easily "explained away" and rationalised.

But it is not glaringly obvious. The evil intent is missed.

Indeed, most people cannot conceive that the largest, most powerful, most influential people and organisations can have evil intent - except perhaps some of the large corporations. When it comes to Western Governments, mainstream mass media, charities and NGOs, Global Establishments such as the United Nations and its World Health Organisation - people will not recognise evil intent; and no amount of evidence will ever change their minds; because they assume (metaphysically) that these organsations are necessarily well-motivated.

My understanding of this is two-fold. First is that extremely few people have an understanding that is rooted outside-of their finite mortal lives in this planetary world. In other words, very few are genuinely taking an eternal, immortal and Heavenly perspective.

In a single word, it is the lack of hope for Heaven that cripples us. We would need to perceive our lives in this world, imaginatively and with conviction, from the perspective of Heaven - in order correctly to evaluate it.

Therefore modern people cannot judge worldly things, but can only choose-between them - and therefore naturally (for reasons of self-preservation and status) they choose to take sides with power.

(And people are exceptionally astute at judging where worldly power really lies; even when worldly power disguises itself by claiming to be weak and persecuted 'minorities' - people see through such claims and take that side.)

Secondly is that modern evil is different from the evil of the past, and the evil we are taught to recognise and resist. Modern evil is Ahrimanic - that is, it is based in impersonal abstract systems, in bureaucracy, in laws and rules and obedience; in exactly that reductionistic, pseudo-scientific, materialistic, non-spiritual and anti-human perspective which Francis Berger sees as epitomised by the face mask.

It is the combination of a narrowly this-worldly perspective and blindness to the prevalent form of evil; which enables so many Antichrist phenomena to take-root and thrive in these days. And that is what we see: evil motivation successfully presenting itself as benign, totalitarian takeover masked as caring therapy; a calculatedly-impersonal reduction of individuals to statistics of disease vectors and victims.

All cheered-on by a populace whose hold on their own humanity is tenuous; and who increasingly regard-themselves as merely units in a Global System, benignly ruled by therapeutic dictators who work for "the good of all the world" - for which many, many specific person's well-being, health and life must therefore - and justly! - be sacrificed.



dearieme said...

Do you do requests, Bruce? Could you tell us whether you've come across this and, if so, what you make of it?


Jacob Gittes said...

What is also interesting, a bit (not much I admit), is that rhetoric around liberty is completely non-existent!
Whatever happened to the American Revolution, and the Minutemen who gave those Red Coats some hot lead. Whatever happened to "give me liberty or give me death"?

The answer: liberty rhetoric was always a lie. Nobody has ever, in human history, been willing do die for abstract principles. They were willing to fight for family, faith, and their local communities.
Now that the fear of an invisible killer virus has been instilled in people by 24/7 propaganda, they demand and beg for restrictions and chains.

My first cousin's daughter was playing with her home-schooled and unvaccinated hyper-healthy children the other week. They were playing in a park. A neighbor called the police on them! There is no genetic love of liberty in Americans. We are all, other than a small minority, police snitches and callow conformists and pathetic, fearful consumers of propaganda that we embrace with eager hunger.
A local elderman was telling me yesterday that it will "never go back to normal." Gee, where did he get that idea?

Well, I'm OK with things never going back to normal. I want to become more in touch with my immortal and spiritual side.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d - No, I don't do requests! (My reading and thinking time is too rare and precious.) But I happen to have looked at this one already.

All I can report is that it did nothing for me. I can't remember anything about it except that I found it neither interesting nor useful; and so did not persevere.

Francis Berger said...

I appreciate the link to your blog, Bruce. I also appreciate the points you added concerning the inability of most modern people to recognize evil within our ruling classes.

"Why would the Establishment purposefully harm their own economy and System? That would be akin to shooting the Establishment shooting itself in the foot," is one argument I have heard.

Spiritual considerations aside, history provides us many events in which elites were more than happy to sabotage their societies in the short-term to achieve potential power gains in the long term. Having said that, spiritual considerations cannot be cast aside, neither in historical examples nor in our current circumstances. If they are, recognizing evil becomes practically impossible even when you have been completely engulfed by it, as you so clearly note in this post.

Nathan Wright said...

@Jake, that seems a bit harsh. Going back decades in America, people have been squinting at "liberals" and seeing Commies; nowadays you don't have to squint anymore. Conservative/religious Americans have been skeptical of the flu hoax from the start, but unfortunately they are too easily swayed and seem to lack the courage of their convictions (just too "nice" or conformist maybe, as Dr. Charlton has said).

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - "Why would the Establishment purposefully harm their own economy and System? "

I think this argument has some validity, which is why I think that the spiritual dimension makes a significant difference - and why secular conspiracy theorists are at best only half-correct.

When the Establishment is seen as a ultimately a tool of demonic spirits (some servants, some 'possessed'), rather than working for Themselves; then the fact that They act against Their own long-term self-interest becomes understandable.