Friday 9 October 2020

Big Brother loves us - or so (nearly) everybody believes

Mr Punch (on the puppeteer's right hand) defunds the police (on his left hand)...

It is characteristic of modern, Godless, Man that he is incapable of connecting his thinking, incapable of following a line of reasoning, incapable of noticing inconsistency between ideas. 

This incapability is not a matter of unintelligence, although modern Man is much less intelligent than he was 150 years ago. It is not about illness either, although modern Man is riddled with genetic mutations that have damaged instinctive socially- and sexually-adaptive behaviours.

Modern incapability is existential, spiritual, metaphysical: its ultimate origin is a false and incoherent world view. Since our everyday thinking is 'underpinned' by the fundamental incoherence that this world has neither purpose nor meaning - thinking has rotted from the bottom-up. 

For a while, this incoherence was concealed by unconscious traditions and habits from earlier generations; but these traditions and habits were systematically and incrementally destroyed. Unstoppable metaphysical putrification set-in as soon as tradition and habit was consciously examined and challenged. 

The lack of any ultimate basis of meaning, worked-through to our current lack of proximate meaning for anything. 


Consequently, incoherence rules public policy and discourse

Known habitual liars are believed and trusted. Those identified as selfish and short-termist are given charge of global strategy. The explicitly amoral and hedonic are given charge of public ethics and law. And the masses combine theoretical radicalism and sensation-seeking with unprecedented passivity and obedience to arbitrary diktat

And the whole situation is incorrigible - unreformable, incurable; since the incoherent masses can neither detect nor oppose evil - even when evil is being inflicted upon them on a daily, hourly, escalating basis. Psychosis (living in an unreal, subjective - virtual - world) and dementia (decline across many cognitive and intellectual functions, disorientation) are the norm - and worst in those nearest to power, status, and prestige. 


In 2020 the New Normal is of an international totalitarianism, and the experience of life under an Establishment, omni-bureaucratic, mass-media-manipulating Big Brother; who regards us partly as tools, partly as experimental animals, and partly as potential victims for lust and torture. 

Yet the mass of people love their opressor: love Big Brother - under his many fronts, guises and manifestations: UN, WHO, EU, World Economic Forum etc. Officials spokespersons of all stripes. The 'voice' of the major mass media corporations. The national political mouthpieces, mannequins, suits and scarecrows. Institutions, pseudo-radical pressure groups, self-described victims, pseudo-scientists, concerned celebrities...

The masses have-faith-in, trust implicitly, the mostly-anonymous billionnaires and media moguls who rule this world from the shadows. 

Such vague, impersonal abstractions are where the Establishment flunkies and functionaries, servants and serfs, seek their version of 'salvation'. 

All the little-people demand is a voting choice between those various Establishment tools who they are allowed to vote-for: a choice between Punch, Judy and the Policeman (despite that all are controlled by the same puppeteer).


And - from their point of view, given what they believe - why not? 

In a universe without direction, purpose or meaning; then coherence is impossible whatever

If one's life is based on fear, resentment and despair; if the future being planned is one of mass misery and suicide; if there is nothing to look-forward to but annihilation; if the actual God-of-this-world is the devil... Well, why not? 

To ask why is a question that has no meaning in an incoherent world; there can be no answers to sense-less questions. 


TonguelessYoungMan said...

The irony is that virtually every single person imagines themselves to be a free thinking rebel, fighting against "the system", whatever they imagine that system to be.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TLM - It goes right to the top. I have known or worked with more-than-several people who have become Sir-this or Dame-that - all, without exception, were Leftists who saw themselves as bold anti-Establishment radicals. Indeed, only such types are eligible for 'honours' nowadays, and senior institutional positions/ prizes/ awards are reserved for them (and they sure do crave such 'honours'!).