Tuesday 6 October 2020

Loyalty and obedience as windows for Satantic entryism

By and large, most people would count loyalty and obedience as virtues - albeit minor virtues; and that it what they are: minor virtues, whose virtuousness is seondary to the end for which they are deployed. 

When, however, loyalty and virtue are deployed for ends that are evil (i.e. ends that take Satan's side in the ongoing spiritual war of this mortal life, the side who are against God and creation), then loyalty and obedience become evil. 


Obviously so - one would suppose. Yet L&O are among the deepest and most spontaneous of minor virtues, being reinforced by evolved instincts to do with Men being 'social animals'. The archetypical situation in which loyalty and obedience are natural and spontaneous are the feeling of offspring towards parents: rightly so. 

Yet, here we can also see the limitations. L&O to loving parents is absolutely right; but when the parents aren't loving, or when caregivers are not parents, then L&O may be an instument of evil. For example, L&O to the surrogate parent Fagin in Oliver Twist is to live in service of evil. 

Also, the parents may change. Parents may begin good and become evil: start by leading their children in the path of salvation but then lead their chidlren towards damnation. Surely we have all seen this? And if loyalty and obedience prevailed, the child would follow the parent into Satanic-affiliation. 


And this is the analogy most appropriate to our current situation. Many of us have begun life with a sense of loyalty and obedience to some social institution that we believed to be net-Good (i.e. overall-Good). For me, as an atheist until middle age, my loyalties (and partial obedience...) was to such institutions as my school, college, 'science', 'medicine' and the universities. These I regarded as essentially good, well-meaning, groups. 

But over the decades all of these changed radically. If these were indeed (as I supposed) net-Good institutions forty-something years ago - they are now (obviously!) in service to the evil agenda of the Global Establishment and its unified bureaucracy. If I had remained loyal and obedient to any or all of them, then I would by now be following the demonic path that all of these institutions support and assert. 


But if I had been a Christian, and my primary loyalty had been to a church, then much the same would have happened if I had retained my L&O to the institution - since the main churches and denominations have all embraced the anti-Christian, leftist totalitarian agenda. 

As I said yesterday, all that is required is a single window for Satan to enter-in and take-over a person: or an institution - and (obviously!) churches are not exempted. 

Over the past few decades the way-into churches has usually been the sexual revolution, in its various aspects. Churches that supported any of the major planks of the sexual revolution (whether abortion, 'no-fault' divorce, feminism, QERTY, trans or whatever was fashionable) have all joined the dark side. 


At present the wedge-issues by which demonic entry is forced are antiracism and the birdemic.  

Unless your church has explicitly, unambiguously and totally rejected the Big Lies and False Assumptions that drive the antiracism and birdemic issues; then your church has already accepted the primacy of the evil agenda. Your church has joined-with the mass-majority, mass-media and Establishment... Your church has joined the anti-God side of the legions of Satan.  

Unless you cease to live as-if loyalty and obedience to your church were the primary virtues, unless you discern; then you will (like so many tens of millions of other ex-Christians before) surely be led down the path to damnation. 


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