Friday 2 October 2020

Me, Here, Now; and the development of human consciousness

Assuming, as I do, that I was placed into my situation by God - and am sustained in my daily life by God; then (to a sufficient degree of exactness) the present circumstances of Me, Here, Now include exactly what I most need to learn. 

This applies, also, to the general social circumstances. In spite of the many evil choices made by so many people (including myself); this actual life is continually being 'turned' by God such that its experiences (its 'lessons') are well-suited to teach us what we (collectively and individually) most need to learn. 

We don't have to have an explicit (nor an expressed) explanation of these circumstances, nor do we need advanced knowledge of what we are supposed to learn. Instead, we are repeatedly being engineered into micro-situations that present just the sort of choices we most need to make: choices and situations which tend to elicit from-us what we most need to think, say, or do. 

It is primarily a matter of individual discernment and situational awareness; and the first step towards that is to acknowledge the need for discernment, and that the needful discernment must be individual. 

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