Saturday 3 October 2020

Not even trying - a general phenomenon

 Maybe my least successful book (although there is a lot of competition!) was Not Even Trying published in 2012; which was about the decline and (de facto) extinction of real science. From an author's perspective nonethless, I was pleased with the book, regarding it as about as well-written as I can manage - and with a great title...

Not even trying seems to be the defining characteristic of modern institutions, organisations, corporations - and groups in general. So-called 'Science' is neither trying trying to discover, nor to communicate, the truth about the world - instead 'scientists' are merely pursuing bureaucratic careers in funded (hence externally-controlled) 'research'. 

And the same applies everywhere else - often even more strongly. Nobody with power, influence, status or wealth (from the Prime Minister/ CEO or President on upwards); is even attempting to do what they are supposed to be doing. No-body.

Given how difficult it is is accomplish anything in this world; if you aren't even trying, then you certainly will not succeed. 

This means that The Problem is not a shortage of ability, or poor technique, or wrong systems... or anything else like that. The Problem is nobody, anywhere, is trying to Do The Right Thing.  

We spend nearly all our time quibbling about the means to an end (as with elections, or party politics, or international affairs generally); while all the time and relentlessly failing even to aim at proper ends.

This is natural in a Godless world (and a world where the churches are as Godless as everyone else); because a world without divine purpose can have no other kind of purpose.

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