Monday 12 October 2020

My first and last words on the US election...

...Are simply an endorsement of today's comment by WmJas Tychonievich (who, unlike me, is American by family, birth and upbringing).  

Still, although it is none of my business; as we know, since Vietnam and up to this anti-fa/racist summer - every small thing that happens, or is (dishonestly) alleged to have happened, anywhere in the USA - is the immediate and mandatory business of every person in this world. Hence my right and duty, ignorantly and impotently to comment.



MagnusStout said...

He's correct (I'm also American).

This election is political theater, so feel free to critique the performance....

November 2020 is irrelevant given both "sides" agree with the March 2020 Birdemic lockdowns.

Too many people are focused on System and not their faith. The System will not save us (even though Biden would be objectively worse in some ways). Things are "coming to a point" (as you've repeatedly warned) and it is time to take sides (and not be distracted by political theater).

Kirstie said...

I am focusing on the events unfolding in America because I think it is important to look at the evil in this world from a global perspective. Or should I say, from a pandemic point of view rather than an epidemic point of view. Staying too narrow and localised at this time could prove to be detrimental. We can't even 'legally' decide who should visit our own homes right now.

Jacob Gittes said...

I've almost decided to not vote for the national level. I plan to vote for the local elections, because there is a clear choice for the mayoral race.

My main reason for not voting for the national level will be consent: by voting, I would probably be spiritually consenting to the results and to the spiritual, social and economic processes that will be attributed (wrongly) to voting.

Now, most of us know that voting does not really have an effect on the outcome of the system, but spiritually, "they" may get you through your act of of voting. You have a choice to not vote.

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment thread mistakenly begun in another post:

Comments from The Defender "Biden and the Dems support anti-racism, which is the persecution of whites and Christians. Everybody knows Trump is a “racist,” meaning that he does not call for the persecution of whites and Christians. Maybe he’s really on the other side, but he’s known for being a “racist.” If Biden wins it will be full steam ahead for the aforementioned persecution. If Trump wins, anti-racism suffers a major rebuke. That’s a good reason to vote. Sure, my individual vote does not matter. But thousands of votes that don’t matter, do matter. Surely it is good to fight back?

My response: Voting is intrinsically evil: . So I would not recommend it - ever. Voting in a mass election retains that intrinsic evil, subtracts pretty much all the significant positives, and adds more negatives.

However, morality is essentially about motivation, rather than action: *real* motivation is what's relevant, of course.

12 October 2020 at 23:13
islanti said...

This pandemic really is the perfect curse, and definitely thought up by the devil.

How to turn a large portion of the population into useful idiots in the battle of good vs evil, without them even realizing they're in a war.

If you are on the side of good then your worldview is putting everybody else's lives at risk, so perhaps we should finally do something about you? After all, you've been nothing but trouble for the past several decades anyway with your homophobic and transphobic beliefs, and now you've become a threat to the rest of humanity. Not to mention the more you keep making a fuss about masks and social distancing, the longer the longer this pandemic will last!

If you are on the side of evil, well then you're constantly reminded of how good you are for following the rules and are continually equipped with all the necessary rhetoric and platitudes to take on those pesky Christians that you encounter. Keep it up, hero! Here's a sticker!

13 October 2020 at 00:39
Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Defender, has nearly four years of Trump slowed down the antiracist movement *at all*? Is it weaker under Trump than it was under Obama? Rhetorical questions, obviously!

13 October 2020 at 06:16
whitestone said...

It would be interesting to do some research into whether there is a correlation between believing that Islam is the religion of peace, Greta Thunberg is a well adjusted stunning and brave teenager, BlM i a fair and natural reaction against systemic white racism, corvid19 is a deadly plague and that men can have vaginas too?

Bruce Charlton said...

13 October 2020 at 08:08
TonguelessYoungMan said...

Everyone on both sides, including (I presume) the participants themselves, see the Antifa/BLM riots as part of a fight against Trump, "racism" etc. but really they are Satanic victory dances.

Under Trumps watch, they have finalized their victory.

Trumps tactic is to take advantage of the naivety and desperation of the people who don't like that type of thing very much, and he sure is successful at it. He is a businessman, and very good at it. I've heard this referred to as "controlled opposition" and that sounds about right.

Make your enemy think he hasn't quite lost, all too clever.

13 October 2020 at 09:13
Otto said...

Wm Jas,
The antiracist movement has ramped up so much precisely *because* Trump is in power. Much of the antiracist movement (Burn Loot Murder) is *funded* by Trumps archenemies (Chyighnuh). Also it is incorrect to state that Trump hasn't built the Wall. In fact, 360 miles of the Wall have been built (interactive map) and miles of Wall are being built every day. As for the birdemic and riots: Trump is a lifelong super genius expert at marketing. It would be extremely bad optics if Trump were to crack down on the rioters right before the election. The media would immediate paint him as a jackbooted dictator sending his storm troopers. Instead he utilizes reverse psychology so that the Demoncrats running the cities exposes themselves as being on the side of the rioters. This has changed a lot of peoples minds about the Demoncrats. Also, lots of "low information voters" believe in the birdemic, and if Trump were to say he doesn't believe in it right before the election, they would consider him callous against the sick and elderly. Trumps base is almost 100% agains the lockdowns and Trump has in fact indirectly (e.g. through his family members) expressed scepticism of the birdemic, so I am sure he has something in store right after the election to clamp down on both the the riots and the birdemic. I bypass the mainstream media and get my information from

Bruce Charlton said...

Now let's not waste any more time on this!