Wednesday 28 October 2020

The "If not - Then what?" of 'alternative' politics in 2020

I am not talking about practical alternative plans to Agenda 2030/ Great Reset/ (First destroy then) Build Back Better - because better alternatives are not possible in a world ruled by Satan, his demons and minions; and where the great mass of people are unrepentant sinners who have embraced value-inversion and chosen to be the allies and servants of purposive evil. 

All the mainstream/ large-scale proposed alternative policies are based upon utilitarian considerations - that is, they (correctly) accuse the Global Establishment of cruelly inflicting fear, suffering, despair and death upon the masses - then (falsely) claim their own ideas would cause less misery and fewer fatalities; and thereby generate greater happiness for the greatest numbers. 

Falsely, because these alternative plans do not take into account that it is The System which sustains worldwide health, peace, comfort and prosperity for seven billion-plus persons - and because The Establishment control The System such that it is trivially easy for them to wreck it (e.g. by induced-chaos, violence, war, famine, genuine plagues and/or mass poisoning, economic and trade collapse etc. etc.). 


And wreck-The-System They surely will do; if ever They are threatened with genuine loss of control. 

They are more than capable of ensuring that there will be No 'happy ever after' (even if modern Godless materialism was capable of producing happiness - which 200+ years have shown it is not). 

From where we are, with the leaders we actually have and the masses which exist; in 2020, in this world, and this mortal life; and from a material perspective: there will not be a good utilitarian outcome for the masses. 


Yet obviously any (uncorrupted) Christian of discernment will oppose the mainstream Global Establishment's detailed, long-term plans for creating literal hell on earth: that is a totalitarian hell of value-inversion, mutual fear, mutual resentment, nihilism and despair. 

The way ahead is (as usual) first things first; and first things are spiritual and Christian; and to do with individual persons. 

There can be no alternative better socio-political strategy; no superior alternative plans or blueprints for an improved System - there can only be the rectification of individual souls by discernment, repentance and a perspective solidly based-upon the expectation of eternal resurrected life beyond biological death.

From that perspective (but only from it); any and all persons can see what should best be done in any and all specific circumstances. 


And, if achieved, that will displace 'politics'.   

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AnteB said...

I have been cured from my interest in politics after finally accepting that all the conflicts in the worldly realm is basically like choosing between Sauron and Saruman.

This party vs that party, the Modern West vs the Other Great Monotheism or any other set of oppositions. It does not matter. I only wished that I learnt this, or rather accepted it, much earlier.