Sunday 19 March 2023

Not Global trends anymore - but a Sorathic breakdown into personal and petty spite?

I have noticed that (at this time of writing) there has not been the kind of Spring Campaign by the globalist Establishment, which we have seen over recent years. I mean, there is no Big Thing being currently given a monolithic push by the coordinated efforts of multiple national governments, the mass media and the leaders of large social institutions. 

Instead, when I survey the 'headlines' - I seem numerous little - and often very petty - stories, claims and campaigns. 

As always with the mass media; the intent behind all of these stories is evil and their presentation misleading, dishonest, manipulative. But we are not being fed a Grand Narrative. 

I interpret this as a manifestation of a mass of individually-selfish Sorathic/ chaotic/ destructive displacement of that Ahrimanic/ totalitarian/ bureaucratic evil that peaked three years ago with the birdemic-inspired global coup, and was revealed as the WEF Great Reset/ UN Agenda 2030. 

None of the individual goals of the surveillance-control advocates have been abandoned - the global warming bandwagon rolls-on, the transagenda is doubled-down upon, antiracism and diversity continue to destroy functionality of all organizations etc... And, of course, the geopolitical goals of the anti-Fire Nation war continue to push towards escalation and the possibility of Giga-annihilation.   

In other words, there is just-as-much evil in the world as in 2020 - perhaps even more; many these many and various evils are no longer being presented, or felt, as part of a supposedly-coherent Grand Plan.

The underlying reality - which was always there - of the Leftist ideological-alliance of negatively-motivated grievance groups; has developed (as evil must, since it feeds upon itself) into smaller-and- smaller, less-and-less cohesive, more-and-more selfish thus mutually hostile antagonists.

The short-termist greed that motivates modern institutions and the leadership class is more obvious; and the imperceptible world strategists who stand behind and control the visible leaders, display increasing destructiveness in their manipulations. 

To my mind; there is now a reflex compulsion at work to make decisions that are intended to provoke resentments and evoke destructive conflict, at all levels. 

If we imagine the rulers of the world as a bunch of spiteful children, whose greatest delight is to goad everyone-else into arguments and fights, and who enjoy the spectacle of breaking-down all alliances, cooperation and - especially - all idealism based upon love (e.g. loving marriages, families, and friendships)... then I think this present an accurate picture of things - at every level from the inter-national to the inter-personal; and by all means from legal to gossip.   

Naturally, evil-motivated strategies get included in this chaos-induction; but so long as the underlying motivations are evil, then the destruction of organized-evil by the greater-evil of pure negativity does not do net-Good.  

We are still confronted by the same choices and imperatives; but the situation will feel very different. 

The great temptation is shifting from that of servile conformity to a single evil ideology; to the temptation to be motivated by our negative fears, resentments and despair - to feel that it is "me against the world" and engage in competitive selfishness... 

...Falling into a life focused around the spiteful enjoyment of the downfall and destruction of our (ever proliferating) enemies.     

Note: The Ahrimanic leadership are not finished and will fight back; but what I am predicting is that They will never again succeed as they have recently; neither in terms of intensity nor in duration of mass attention and obedience. 


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

That's true -- no psyop of the year so far, as we so clearly had for 2020, 2021, and 2022. Of course the year is still young.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - My concern is that there are self-congratulatory claims about this lack of PSYOPS, when it is probably little more than a double negative.

As the masses (and middle management) are corrupted, they become harder to organize and discipline. As people become more cynical and despairing, they they are harder to manipulate into excitement or fear.

Epimetheus said...

I'm still thankful that the Birdemic World Order fell. It must be so galling to them to have had total global control in their grasp, like they were actually wearing the Ring of Power, only to have it pulled off in the most humiliating agony possible (for power-hungry psychopaths, that is). Now a huge portion of the world is gathering against the West. Who says God doesn't punish the wicked?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - Yes, I agree that things are spiritually better for humanity than three years ago; but of the emerging alliance, while all seem to be less-evil than The West, only the Fire Nation has a significant positive and Christian motivation (positive up to now - of course that does not guarantee the future from here).

And perhaps such spiritual benefits are available to those who seek them and whose minds are open to them, even in The West.

But spiritual benefits cannot (I believe) passively be absorbed by modern Man; and it is clear that many Western self-identified Christians, even including Western Catholics, will *never* allow themselves to believe that the Fire Nation has been moving towards a focus on Christ for the past three-plus decades. In the end 'evidence' means nothing when metaphysical assumptions are adverse.

Serhei said...

I'd assumed the winter media-push to get people to worship the terrifying wisdom of George Orwell gabbler-machines wot speechify in automated manner was the spring campaign.

I think its rather flat effect is perhaps a symptom of increasing intellectual separation between elite-intellectuals who really-believe and fear this stuff, obsessing about it just enough to invent drastic scenarios requiring humiliating obeisance, and average alienated-masses who perhaps lack spiritual insight but perceive these technologies as rather absurd. War and Pestilence are comprehensible to the masses, whereas this... we were supposed to be afraid of what, exactly?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Serhei - I hadn't thought of that, but you may be right. I think They were/are trying to plant the idea (implicitly, without saying it out loud, hence having to defend it) that the Singularity has been reached, and computers are now 'conscious' (by Their definition) - and in general more intelligent and functional than humans - and not just can but *ought to* replace humans.

So that the masses will feel "we are now obsolete and *deserve* to be abolished"...?

Something like that - but, as you say, it fell flat.