Monday 13 March 2023

The bureaucrats of evil, with minds like 'valves', passively-orientated towards the side of evil: What the birdemic-peck has revealed

It's over three years since the birdemic first wave was imposed on the UK, but at present there has been very little enforcement (in most parts) for considerably more than a year. There is at present far more emphasis on the Fire Nation and Climate than on the birdemic. 

Yet, there is a substantial minority of the UK population who will not let-go of the birdemic mindset; who continue to wear masks, 'test' themselves, self-isolate and avoid (on the basis of these pseudo-tests), accumulate pecks in the face of multiple 'test'-confirmed recurrences, and so forth. 

What seems to have happened is that three years ago, and again two years ago when the peck was being pushed; these people opened their minds to the daily conduit of propaganda about the birdemic, and filled-up on... whatever fluctuating and incoherent nonsense was being piped-in. 

Then closed their minds on it

And now they Will Not let go of this stuff

It's as if their minds have become valves for evil: with inward-facing flaps that open to allow evil in, but then close-upon evil - preventing it from escape. 

Their minds are a one-way street for evil, with no exit. 

So that once some item of evil propaganda has been allowed into the mind - then it is held-onto tenaciously, and in the face of even colossal quantities of contradicting later information...

Even when those later contradictions come from the exact same official sources that they uncritically believed in the first place!

What I seem to be observing, over the past several years; is that in general most people believe... whatever is currently being pushed by the mainstream media

This means that, in most respects, minds are wide-open in both directions: by believing today's narrative, people can easily change, and reverse, their ideas - and believe stark contradictions.  

But there is a large segment of the masses - particularly (I think) among Nice people of many kinds... Among the middle-managerial, public-sector, and professional classes, the young-retired ('boomers'), and women. 

...I mean those who selectively and tenaciously believe... whichever is most spiritually-harmful among the daily-input

What I envisage is a mind-set that is passively orientated to evil. 

This is not an active or originative mindset, it lacks evil-intent; but it is instead a mind that implicitly desires to serve evil.  

Such an orientation to evil appears to be unconscious, and would certainly be denied; but by their revealed-preferences it can be seen that such people - who are servile by nature - strive to place their minds and efforts at the disposal of whatever is most evil among the mass of conflicting and fluctuating mainstream ideology. 

My point is that such people (and there are a lot of them!) are not neutral with respect to propaganda. Among the vast avalanche of fake news and dishonest information; such minds display a definite bias towards attending to that 'information' which is most long-term evil in its potential, and once they have absorbed such information - they will not let it go! 

They will selectively grab-and-hold-onto stuff relating to the birdemic-peck, climate, antiracism etc. - in other words the Litmus Test issues, by means of which the global establishment impose their totalitarian agenda. 

Such agendas are internalized - and will then be followed permanently, even in the absence of encouragement, even in the face of discouragement... 

Beyond this, they gravitate towards whatever are likely to be the most destructive policies and theories - those which would (if pursued) destroy whatever is loving, true, beautiful and/or virtuous. 

And they will do this, and continue to do it; even when current official information changes, and contradicts it.    

This mind-set is therefore one of the primary manifestations of evil-affiliation in our time - but, because it operates passively and unconsciously - is usually overlooked, and generally denied. Yet if we understand evil to be a chosen allegiance to the side of evil in the spiritual war of this world; then these bureaucrats of the devil are among the most numerous and dangerous agents of evil in The West today. 


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