Thursday 23 March 2023

Fake Pennant preparations: the UK Government's national "Emergency Alerts" for smartphones

We were told a few days ago that starting from 23rd April 2023 - which is, significantly, St George's Day: the English patron saint) there will be Emergency Alerts broadcast nationally to all smartphone users by default. 

This is a pretty obvious preparation for... whatever "fake pennant" operation They decide is most likely to cause national panic, anger and despair. 

My best guess is that a fake-pennant pseudo-attack will be used to escalate the Fire Nation war - since that seems to be the specially-designated role of the UK puppet government in the Globalist Establishment strategies; and the ground for this is being prepared.  

So, after a little while, maybe a couple of try-outs - the country will be informed of some Big Bad aggression from the FN; told what to do; and while still gibbering in fear/ seething for revenge - the masses will be manipulated into full scale involvement in global war. 

But it could, of course, be a 'Climate' (Extreme Weather) non-event, another pseudo-epidemic, an imaginary rebellion, or indeed something as yet untried. 

The point is that, having implemented a system for generating flash-fear mob behaviour - It Will Be Used

Given the possibilities of manipulating a gullible population by some new trick; fingers will be itching to pull the trigger on it. 

And even if the system fails to evoke the kind of herd stampede behaviour desired; it will surely be repurposed to a high frequency harassment and propaganda tool.  

Now the politicians and bureaucrats are being given this shiny new toy - they will be mad keen to play with it. 


My name is Matt said...

It is possible to take down the pennant pole so one may system distance to a degree?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Matt - Yes. That is what we can and should do as individuals and from a spiritual perspective: understand and reject.

But from the point-of-view of the ruling puppets, presumably They can create a panic and stampede - so long as enough of the population accepts their scam.

From the experiences of the past few years, I would expect the mass majority to be pathetically, and stubbornly, manipulable.