Wednesday 1 March 2023

The WEIRD ideology is contrary to common-sense - and Atheism is WEIRD

This is a sort-of footnote to the preceding post

There is a distinctive and WEIRD Leftist ideology dominant among the globalist, totalitarian rulers and their managerial and propaganda minions; by which WEIRD stands for Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic

What makes the name WEIRD appropriate is that the WEIRD belief are contrary to common sense and to personal, lived experience

While the political aspects of WEIRD are what has attracted attention (such as the bizarre inversions of feminism, antiracism, and the transagenda) - spiritual and religious WEIRD-ness has been neglected; probably because most of those who invented and use the WEIRD term (in a derogatory sense) are themselves WEIRD in this respect. 

Those whose sense of morality purports to be in the common-sense understandings of humanity-in-general; should realize that the wisdom of the ages includes the reality of some god or gods, that this world and universe are created, the primacy of the spiritual realm over the material, the survival of the soul beyond death... and many other 'supernatural' (and 'paranormal') convictions that strike most modern people as 'obviously' untrue. 

In brief: Atheism is WEIRD

Just as those who oppose the lefter-forms of leftism - but are not religious - are actually just less-left types of Leftist; and those who oppose mainstream WEIRD-ness but are themselves atheists are just another species of WEIRD...

Analogously; they are mistaken who assume that the mainstream mundane world will inevitably, sooner-or-later, impose real-true-reality on the consciousness of those who WEIRDLY deny God/s and the world of Spirit.  

We need to understand that common-sense no longer happens spontaneously, and no longer carries natural and irresistible authority. 

In other words, we modern Men are all WEIRD as our baseline state; and it is up to each individual to reject his pre-existent WEIRDNESS and instead commit himself to true reality: which includes the recognition that we all dwell in a divine creation. 


Francis Berger said...

I thought my take on the SDG acronym a while back was clever, but your WEIRD acronym beats that hands down. Very memorable!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - WEIRD comes from academic psychology, which (I presume) was where I came across it: