Monday 20 March 2023

Self-excluded from the realm of spirit; the materialist West is adrift from even the concept of reality

The delusionary nature of modern public discourse in the West, goes way beyond the realms of merely 'being wrong' or 'unreal' - because there is actually no concept of truth or reality against-which to judge statements and claims. 

Cut-off from any acknowledgement of the primacy of the spiritual - focused entirely on 'the material' - there is no basis in Western public discourse even for coherence; because statements, ideas, policies have no grounds for being evaluated. 

Although there are some claims of modern society being functional - in public discourse functionality means different things to different people, and is unstable even within each usage - sheer power to enforce is the decider of what counts as functional; and as the imperative of expedience vary, so does the public-discourse-acceptable definition of 'functionality'. 

Most claims (in so far as they are justified at all) are supposed to be rooted in their consequence in terms of human psychology - i.e. people claim to do things on the basis that doing-so will increase human happiness, reduce suffering, or gratify what 'people' (of one sort or another) 'want'...

Yet at the same time, there are massive - often successful - attempts to manipulate human psychology - i.e. to induce more people to want such-and-such, or to be happier about X... or to be dissatisfied-with/ afraid-of/ annoyed-by/ resentful-about Y. 

So that there is a simultaneous claim of the sort that 'we' need to do Z because this is what people want... while at the same time manipulating human psychology so that people begin to want Z! 

And this kind of incoherent nonsense is so common, so everyday and mainstream that is goes unnoticed! 

Even more bizarrely; such assumptions of what counts as justification are excluded from awareness and discussion; so we live in a world of purely unmoored and arbitrary theories, that simultaneously itself pretends to be a 'realistic' word of objective facts - and which resists all attempts to expose and evaluate its theories!

Small wonder that the modern world is so helplessly yet determinedly self-loathing and self-destroying! People have consented to self-entrapment in a maelstrom of swirling non-sense; and once inside they can find neither toehold nor grip by which to extract themselves -- despite that the firm ground of God's creation is always present, denied hence ignored, merely a thought away.  

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