Wednesday 5 October 2011

What has the Left actually conquered?


The Left - (Liberalism/ Socialism/ Political Correctness) has, of course, triumphed in the West - colonizing the elite intellectuals of government, public administration, law, the churches, education and so on.

But what is the essence of its triumph - what precisely has the Left actually conquered?

The answer is simple and single. The answer is the mass media.

The core triumph is the mass media - but a further element was necessary: the expansion of the mass media to fill the attention of most of the people, most of the time.

So, now, the mass media is reality.

(Reality itself has become merely a matter of opinion: individual anecdote. Worthless, indeed wicked, unless validated by the media.)

So that is the triumph of the West - to conquer the mass media in a situation where the mass media dominates the minds of the mass of people.


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