Saturday, 26 November 2011

The triumph of the Left


That the best-behaved people are on the wrong side; and most of the kindest people are in service to evil.



This is what makes it ever-less-likely that humanity will get itself out of the deepening hole.

The nice people wring their hands and say keep digging.



CompassionateFascist said...

The "Left" hasn't won. Just look at all the rage and angst at Counterpunch and other Left sites. Globalization is a fusion of tyrannical state socialism with kleptocratic crony capitalism. Looks like pure Fascism to me...and I say this as a HardRightist. Nor will globalization triumph: it's political economy is a gigantic debt-ponzi and headed toward catastrophic collapse. I'm not convinced any current ideological tendency is going to "win".

Unknown said...


Look at the OWS folk - vicious subhumans who belong in a zoo.

Observe in online arguments, who is that uses Saul Alinsky style tactics.

They follow the example of Lenin who asked:

"Why should we bother to reply to Kautsky? He would reply to us, and we would have to reply to his reply. There is no end to that. It will be quite enough for us to announce that Kautsky is a traitor to the working class, and everyone will understand everything."

They don't seem nice to me.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CF - According to my understanding what you describe is itself the victory of the Left: the rage and resentment and hatred are Morgoth (ruler of Middle Earth) plotting to seek-out and destroy every last remnant of that which is is True, Beautiful and Virtuous in Middle Earth, and driven crazy because whatever he does some Good still remains.

@JAD - the niceness and kindness are all those folks who prevent the tough decisions that are necessary; who agonize over enforcing just laws, feel sorry for pirates, are paralyzed by the fact that even the most well judged necessary actions have hurtful consequences for people they like and sympathize with.

Of course, these same people are callously indifferent to harsh treatment of those who oppose them (so long as it is inflicted by someone else due to what they consider an 'excess of well-meaning zeal' - as in Libya).