Thursday 14 June 2012

The Ministry of Magic Wrock band


The Ministry of Magic are a 'Wrock' band - a term which means 'wizard rock' and refers to a genre of pop music inspired by the Harry Potter novels.

Since my kids discovered this band on YouTube a couple of years ago, I have listened to tracks from the four down-load-able MoM albums numerous times, while working around the house or as background in my office - I like them very much.

I don't really know or like any other bands in the 'Wrock' genre, nor do I even listen to much else in the way of pop music in general nowadays - but something about MoM is very appealing: I like the tunes, arrangements, singing, and general atmosphere of a bunch of decent and creative young men having fun.

And I also like the way in which the songs derive extra depth and resonance from their referencing of scenes, personalities and events in the Harry Potter world.

No doubt MoM and Wrock will be evanescent phenomena - a product of the generation who grew up n the decade while the HP novels were being written and released. Plus of course, pop music derives its appeal from the freshness of youth - so it is not the kind of thing that could, or should, be extended for too long.

In the meantime, I thank the young musicians and lyricists of Ministry of Magic for many scores of hours of pleasing and thoughtful entertaiment.


Favourite tracks include the House Song, I May Lose Everything, Phoenix Lament, and Don't Leave.


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