Friday 10 May 2013

A three point plan to solve everything


It may seem a hopeless situation - but that is despair talking. In fact everything can be sorted out, if only we are sensible about things. 

I offer you a three point plan of action.


1. If we simply start-out from a different place - not this place - then things become straightforward.

2. If the people who start-out are different people - and not these people we see around us, certainly not them! - then we ought to be able to deal with these matters.

3. Different people, starting from a different place would certainly be useful - but even without these, victory could so easily be ours if only people wanted different things than people want


Really, everything falls into place with simply this: the world's problems are formidable, but soluble, if only things were not as they are but as we would prefer them to be

I would like you to remember that - and work towards it by every means possible.

Starting from the wrong place and with all the wrong kind of people; that is, people who don't actually want what you want them to want - organize the situation to get someplace much better.


The cunning trick is to use those people who don't want something to persuade - or coerce if necessary - all the other people who don't want it either to do it anyway

It is all a matter of subtle analysis and the precise application of leverage, and it all comes tumbling down - or rather builds itself into something wonderful...


It is perfectly simple, we simply need to change people's fundamental motivations

That is all!

That would work! 

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Ladies and gentleman - I thank you.

(Bows three times, and takes a seat.)


(Beep Beep Beep - Irony alert!)


The Crow said...

Maybe the left are simply being ironic. That's something that never even occurred to me.
It only goes to show: you have to be careful with irony. So many people just don't get it.

Bruce Charlton said...

Actually the secular Right are probably the worst offenders for constructing elaborate social blueprints - but then I do always say that the secular 'Right' are actually on the Left, so your point stands!

The Crow said...

Are you ready to take my order?
I'd like a piece about the differences between, and the dangers of, irony and sarcasm. With a side of fries, to go.