Saturday 11 May 2013

Why construct Christian utopias?


I was very struck by the following comment from 'Elspeth' who blogs at Traditional Christianity:


Marriage-topia, sex-topia, male-topia, white-topia (Not me of course LOL), game-topia, trad-topia. I could go on but you get my point.

The only way to accomplish this (as the liberals have figured out), is to enact and enforce rules such that everyone must succumb to them. Some of these are overt and enforceable laws, others are politically correct codes of behavior that are subtly enforced until they become the norm.

So we decided that if we make everyone succumb to the Christian/traditional code of morality, all will be well.

The problem is that nowhere in the New Testament do we see the Messiah or apostles concerned with anything about the lifestyles of those outside of the faith.

The only concern is for their souls. They knew that with repentance and an experience with Christ comes a change in behavior.

We seem obsessed with how their degeneracy is affecting our lives and comfort while showing no concern for their souls.

This, of course, says something about the state of our souls.


[My emphasis added, and slightly edited with typos corrected.]


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