Thursday 26 June 2014

Noting the death of Seth Roberts


I should have noted the death of Seth Roberts on 26 April 2014. Seth was professionally a psychologist, but most influentially a nutritionalist and known for his use and advocacy of self-experimentation. I think I first got in touch with him inviting him to write on this subject for Medical Hypotheses:

Later, he valuably exposed the dishonest plagiarism of Professor Les Iversen of Oxford University:

I was also grateful that Seth (from his libertarian-ish secular Leftist stance) provided staunch support in the process of my being sacked from the editorship of Medical Hypotheses and subsequently.


Seth was certainly a throw-back-to, or survival-from, the golden age of science: being fascinated and motivated by the science (not career, grants, status) and absolutely honest in all things.

Seth Roberts was a real scientist, one of the few; and a very good one. How sad that he should have died so young; but his contributions are many, and they are still there - if people choose to take notice and to make use of them.


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Rich said...

Why am I not surprised you know of Seth Roberts? Two of the most honest men I've come across. Seth really touched a lot of lives. Thanks for the thoughtful words on his passing.