Friday, 6 February 2015

Is modern demotivation due to cultural decadence and soft living, or is it evidence of sickness (reduced fitness due to mutation accumulation)?


The way to tell the difference is to observe the response to crisis.

If the modern demotivation is due to excessive peace, prosperity, comfort and convenience - then when there is a crisis, the virtues will re-emerge.

The soft Shire Hobbits retain their ancient toughness underneath the plump and lazy surface, will respond to urgent necessity, and will save the world.

But if modern demotivation is due to sickness, if it is due to generations of mutation accumulation; then a serious crisis will simply reveal that sickness.

When the civilized comforts and conveniences are withdrawn, sick people will not cope, because they have lost their coping mechanisms (broken by genetic damage) - so they will simply curl-up and die.


Modern civilization is like a hospital, and we are the inhabitants of that hospital.

The question is: are we like fit people who just happen to be living in a hospital? Or, are we patients - seriously sick individuals who are only alive because we live in a hospital?

When the hospital (modern society) collapses - then we will find-out.


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