Friday, 20 February 2015

Reality is relational

My understanding is that marriage, family and true friendship are derived from eternal reality.

These are not merely earthly inventions or expedients or means to desirable worldly ends - they are not merely the source of analogies for our understanding of Heaven... instead these fundamental relationships of marriage, family and friendship are a product of our pre-mortal personal experience of ultimate reality.

(They may also be a product of direct divine revelation.)

Marriage, family and friendship are eternal forms, eternal templates - their existence on earth is in (albeit imperfect, incomplete, partial and distorted) conformity with the basic metaphysical structure of everything.

To rebel against the ideals of marriage, family and friendship - to subvert, attack and invert these relations - is therefore to deny reality and join the revolution on the side against against Truth and Good.

It just is - one way or another - to adopt destruction as the primary goal and ethic.

Not a small matter...


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