Tuesday 13 June 2023

Epic times, titanic struggles, silent martyrs of repentance

Ever since early 2020; we have been living in epic times, with the world engaged in titanic struggles. 

Yet; since such matters are neither acknowledged nor reported in the official mass media (or are grossly distorted and inverted into utter falsehood); they are invisible to almost everybody.   

Very few people even noticed the (I would have supposed) vast objective facts that there was a global coup in the early months of 2020 with the birdemic excuse; and that there was a colossal and gratuitous simultaneous-assault on billions of people worldwide from 2021 with imposition of "the" (more properly "a") peck.

And very few noticed the newly-established totalitarian world order break-in-two from early 2022 - with one side trying to survive as nations and cultures. 

Whereas the other side embraced and imposed an accelerated and multi-pronged self-destruction - while at the same time trying to subvert, undermine, and physically destroy the 'survivalist' nations. 

The world has not seen such colossal and rapid movements and conflicts for many decades - yet this time, for most people, they are mostly ignored, when not utterly misunderstood both in terms of their significance and valence. Instead for the mass majority; attention has been focused on completely different (often imaginary and invented) issues.

These titanic, yet largely unperceived, struggles seem often to be focused upon a series of specific persons, who are (apparently) put under extreme pressures to take the most-evil of options... and they nearly-always cave-in.  

All that we can observe in the mass media is that individuals who speak-out against The Current Agenda, or who say No when the System wants them to say Yes - then either change their minds and announce the opposite, very suddenly and swiftly; or else they are eliminated from public life - one way or another. 

I doubt that many of these leaders (in the West, at least) are motivated by any type of positive Good; but at lower levels of power it is likely that some are, or were, well-motivated in their dissent; but that (unless we had personal and direct knowledge) almost nobody knows about them.  

The ones who did not cave-in, who recognized their wrong-doing and repented it - the ones who are (one way or another - and there are many ways) Got-Rid-Of, stripped of power, status, influence...

And either nobody knows anything about it, or what people-in-general do "know" is a slanderous lie that utterly misrepresents the real nature and motivations of the actors involved. 

Such are the pressure of these epic times! 

The titanic struggles have been (and still are) all-but publicly-invisible or inverted; happening at the level of specific persons (quite likely you and me, at some point); and there is no earthly reward but instead rapid punishment for doing-the-right-thing...

Right-doing will be unnoticed, covered-up, or twisted by power into falsely imputed evil motives and/or falsely-attributed actions - lies will be believed by most people - and tenaciously believed

Small wonder there are so few who resist, so many who persuade themselves that obedience to evil is, actually - when you 'think' about it! - Good... 

Only those who genuinely seek recognition and reward out-with this mortal life are, even in principle, capable of well-motivated behaviour and thinking when under the vast - the cosmic! - pressures of these epic times.  


Bruce Charlton said...

william arthurs comments :

"Overheard remark of the day (at lunchtime)

"A Church of England vicar: "I protested against the Iraq war. Indeed, I used to be a pacifist-- until this war. If Jesus came back today, he would be on the side of the West, against the Fire Nation.""

Bruce Charlton replies: Translation of Vicar's phrase: "I get my morality - delivered fresh each day - from The Guardian and the BBC News."

Matias F. said...

Thank you. This and your recent post on Philip K. Dick are actually encouraging. Although it feels and looks like things are only getting worse and the people more obstinate in their errors, many people have succeeded in their private lives.

Harry J said...

"And very few noticed the newly-established totalitarian world order break-in-two from early 2022 - with one side trying to survive as nations and cultures."

I'm really not sure that's the case. It seems to me to be a long predicted Hegelian dialectic in the form of a (roughly speaking) East verses West conflict. The synthesis of which is the real 'New World Order'.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HJ - There is something in what you say - and that is how it may end-up (and there are those who are trying to make it end up that way) But so far... not.

The reason I reject that hypothesis is partly intuitive, partly from the fact that we are talking of the Fire Nation - with its deep and powerful (albeit incomplete) resurgence of Eastern Orthodoxy; and partly because I have arrived at an understanding of evil that regards it as always progressing by consuming its own positive goals.

When an evil Being gets power - with the intention of using it to make a machine for damnation, which was the motive behind the NWO - its power corrupts towards a purer form of negation - towards sheer spiteful destructiveness.

This happened - especially rapidly from 2020 - among the rulers of the globalist coup. They discarded their LT goals and plans, and began (sadistically and vengefully) to enjoy exercising their greater power to torment, and kill.

So, I believe the FN has positive goals that include Christian, also a sense of nation and culture - the other members of the East alliance have a variety of different, but not religious, goals. A coalition of nations versus a globalist-totalitarian annihilation of nations.

In other words, you perhaps posit a symmetry, a qualitative equivalence of the sides, an arbitrary division: Tweedledum and Tweedledee. But surely that is not true?