Saturday 10 June 2023

We do indeed create "our own reality"... But this is Co-creation - which makes all the difference

Modern Man has the unavoidable freedom and capability - and, potentially, the curse! - of creating his own reality; as we see all around us as a matter of daily observation. 

But this creating of reality is actually a co-creation; or (as Owen Barfield terms it) a participation

In other words; we are each creating our own reality, but using the 'material' of God's ongoing divine creation. 

What this means is that our personal creation may be in-harmony-with pre-existing divine creation, with the knowable universe... Or against it. 

Each Being, including ourselves, can know the universe only by his own participation in it: All possible knowledge is participation, because uncreated reality is unknowable (unknowable because it is purposeless, meaning-less chaos). 

Therefore we must and do create the reality by-which we each live; but we can get it right - or wrong

And getting it wrong means being on the side against God's creative purposes and methods. 

In a world that is overall ruled by demonic powers; anyone who (whether passively, or actively) accepts this worldly ways of creating reality will, of course, be set-against divine creation.

This is where 'heart-thinking' or 'direct-knowing' comes-in. It is how we can - if we consciously seek it - know whether, or not, our creation is in-harmony-with the divine.

When our thinking is 'mundane' - when it consists of 'facts' and concepts derived from this-worldly demonic sources; then naturally we will never become aware that our personal created world is a kind of evil delusion... 

Only when our discerning and evaluating thinking is active, conscious, primary-thinking; thinking by our real, divine selves; will we know whether the world we personally-inhabit is true to God's creation - or against it. 


S. F. Griffin said...

Have you come across Nicolas Gisin?

He is a physicist who argues that real numbers are not really real (how can you have infinite information, as required by real numbers, in a finite spaces (such as a 1mm cube)). So, rather than using such actual infinities to model the universe, he uses intuitionist mathematics to create a model of physics that is consistent with the results of contemporary science. This means the real numbers are not actually existing infinities, but computable numbers that are unfolded over-time through observation.

Unlike mainstream physics, this gives time and its flow a reality, avoids the static block of time idea, and means the future is open and still to be determined. In effect, the system is unfolding and we are participating in that unfolding. Or in other words, someone might say we are engaged in an act of co-creation.

Of course, he is talking about physical systems, and you are coming at this more theologically, but I believe he has an interest in the philosophy of free will and see his work as fitting with us having genuine free will (in which, he is a believer), and I think his ideas probably connect up with many of yours, despite the fact that you are both approaching things in quite different ways.

Bruce Charlton said...

@SFG - I haven't come across Gisin. He does sound interesting, but I am not able to evaluate or appreciate this kind of science.