Wednesday 20 September 2023

Those on-side with the Establishment-woke-totalitarian agenda have utterly lost the capacity to evaluate even minimal standards of competence and functionality

Most people, probably nearly everybody who contributes to mainstream public discourse, are on-board with the Establishment-woke-totalitarian agenda - especially when it comes to the sexual revolution, antiracism, carbon-climate and the other Litmus Test issues that provide the means for top-down strategic socio-political implementation. 

Precisely because they put The Agenda first and central in their value systems, these people - who are, I stress, most people: "normal people", Nice people - as well as those with managerial roles and leadership responsibilities - are unable to judge quality

Not just un-willing, but un-able. The ability is gone, drowned, dead. 

They cannot see when people or institutions have failed to reach even the bare minimum of (what should be) acceptable standards of functionality or ability.

They cannot see when some venture (project, movie, war, policy...) has been a catastrophic failure - and are very likely to celebrate it's exemplary success.  

They cannot see when someone is a bad actor, a not-scientists or hopeless engineer, a rubbish artist or mediocre musician; they cannot tell when a corporation is not just failing to be be good but actively becoming bad; they cannot even notice when political parties or managers are actively (and by many devices) engage the in destruction of nations, organizations, institutions over which they have power. 

It is futile to argue to with such people, or to try and convince them. We need to understand that this is a case of cannot: they cannot discern good from evil, truth seeking from gross lies, they regard deliberate ugliness as a higher form of beauty; they regard whatever is most fully leftist as intrinsically high in quality. 

The totalitarian-woke agenda is at the root of their sense of being, their motivations, their world view - and anyone who tries to discuss values as realities will be regarded as vile, loathsome, and so stupid that they ought never to be listened to. 

If or when anyone attempts to apply discernment of quality, or to seek the true, virtuous or lovely - and gains the slightest rational or emotional traction - they will feel a kind of slippage of the mind, will become overwhelmed by a suffocating sensation, convulsed by visceral disgust, nausea and loathing, such that the urgent and absolute need is to stop the assault, silence the perpetrator, slander and destroy. 

It is impossible to overestimate the severity of this condition. Utterly useless, embarrassingly incompetent people, groups and companies can and shall be praised to the skies as paragons of brilliance and originality - and every expression of this crazed ridiculousness will be carried on a tide of warm, fuzzy, floaty, feel-good peer-solidarity -- the more inverted the expression, the more wonderful the feelings. 

Welcome to mass and social media - and the mass human intercourse so completely enslaved to it - of  2023! 

This is what it means to be in thrall to Satanic values, inverted-values; an anti-system of valuations that are motivated by opposition to God, divine creation, and The Good. 


Stephen Macdonald said...

And yet, Christ.

Dr. Charlton perfectly captures the inability of modern men to discern quality.

I would add only that I was once part of this "Borg" (the Star Trek trope), yet I was freed by Christ. Only Christ can rend the iron bars. There is no other hope, nor any other possibility of anything at all except annihilation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@SM- I think that nowadays it has become very unusual, at least in The West, for anyone to get mentally free without Jesus Christ. The trouble is that many self-identified Christians, especially in leadership positions, are themselves prison warders and propagandists. So the escape must nearly always be individual, rather than (as in the past) following somebody else's plan. Which, I assume, is what God wants of us, in this time and place.

Mia said...

A resounding "yes!" A trillionth example is not needed, but I appreciate the firm, clear summary. One consequence of the consistency and persistence of the inversion is an urge to doubt my own judgment more than ever before in my life. I engage pretty minimally with a lot of it and it's still a daily occurrence at the very least. Abject failure all around but impossible to get a majority of people to recognize it in the slightest.