Saturday 25 November 2023

Actually-being-implemented "AI" is being introduced as an intended tool for mass thought control... Obviously!

Any Artificial Intelligence ("AI") which is not merely hypothetical and concerned with possibilities - and that is actually being implemented in Western Society on any significant scale - should be regarded as the intentional product of the ruling totalitarian Establishment in one of its manifestations. 

AI is - from the point-of-view of those in the Establishment who have funded, promoted, and spread it - a tool. 

AI as a phenomenon therefore needs to be recognized as a totalitarian Establishment tool for implementing Their aims; a means to some end

The question is: What end?

Therefore we ought to ask ourselves of AI in general, and specific instances: 

What is AI technology intended to do to the humans who use it? 

How is AI intended to affect Man's thinking, emotions, reasoning, understanding?

And (in total, over time): What is frequent, pervasive, mandatory human interaction with AI intended to do to Men's overall assumptions concerning the nature of reality.

Actually-used AI is not a matter of what we personally think it might be useful for; the reason we have it, the reason it is being puffed and pushed, the reason it is being implemented with no serious testing, no fair comparison, no objective checking of outcomes is intentional: there is will behind this vast and coordinated pro-AI activity. 

The reason for all this, is that from the perspective of Those with effective power, wealth, fame, status - AI has a job to do on "the masses" - a job to do on those human beings that are subjected-to omni-surveillance and micro-control. 

Meanwhile, from the POV of the masses - AI is being evaluated merely piecemeal, as a possible basis of short-term and personal convenience or amusement; or as a possible threat/ opportunity to immediate employment and wages. 

With AI we therefore have on one side a top-down system of (intended) mass thought control motivated by Ahrimanic evil; and on the other side... well, merely frivolous hedonism and desperate careerism.  


Francis Berger said...

It seems that every time the Establishment pushes their "latest thing", we inevitably end up back at square one. All the supposedly learned lessons from previous "latest things" are all conveniently forgotten. Strange.

I don't have much to add other than AI will definitely be employed (is already being employed) as an enslaving force. It will only to serve to further estrange us from ourselves and God. The only way to turn things around, so to speak, is to turn toward spiritual values and spiritual priorities.

Mia said...

I'm not prone to spiritual experiences but after viewing a large number of "AI art" images I had a very strange sleepless night where my brain, which normally does not readily visualize anything concretely enough to be any type of visual artist, kept generating image after image of every fleeting thought but in the fashion of the "AI art." It felt like my brain had been hijacked. I've been avoiding it since but like all system things you can't just opt out and survive.

Stephen Macdonald said...

It is certainly the case that the elites will use AI to further their agenda. It will be a powerful tool in that regard. This technology now exists, full stop. The problem for Christians is: in recognizing that the satanic elites will use this tool for evil, should we therefore agree with them that only they should possess this tool? To the extent we go along with the "health and safety" propaganda we ensure not that the AI genie can be put back in the bottle, but rather that only Ahrimanic forces will weild it. AI as it currently exists consists of special hardware adept at manipulating floating point numbers, and statistical software. It can and will be put to evil uses, just like photography, film and plain old text. Can it also be used to further the will of God? Or is AI ontologically unique?