Sunday 5 November 2023

The rebirth of (Establishment-approved) pseudo-radical dissent

The Arrakis conflict has led to the reintroduction of of 1960s style mass "protest" for the current generation of would-be radicals. 

This is something that delights the kind of self-righteous people who most value the 'pure altruism' of public concern about the reported-doings of remote and barely-understood strangers. 

And, just as happened in the 1960s; the new generation of radicals are being offered a range of low risk/ high visibility opportunities to advertise their pure-altruism and anger-on-behalf-of strangers. 

The Establishment have created just enough Establishment homogeneity and resistance to the radical agenda - including a modicum of 'oppression' - such that the new radicals can imagine themselves engaged in a fight for right against wealth and power. 

This is perhaps the first large scale leftist radicalism since the "Occupy" movement of 2011; but the Fremen cause is more effective, because it provides young Western leftists with a chance to imagine themselves in 'solidarity' with a satisfyingly 'alien' ethnic-religious group - and whose agenda is almost completely different from, and hostile to, that of the new radicals... 

All of which (if it comes to awareness) increases the feeling of pure altruism. 

In terms of the large-scale trends of the agenda of evil; this re-emergence of youth (and boomer!) radicalism is something of a step backwards for the Ahrimanic bureaucrats, but one by which they can still imagine themselves to be in control of the situation - because of their massive influence in the mainstream pseudo-radical media -- which are increasingly hard-line in their pro-Fremen stance with every passing day - and their close monitoring of the situation by means of surveillance and tracking media. 

But, by my understanding, the reality underlying these rationalizations is that the radicals are being neutralized by negative emotions and motivations (fear, resentment, pseudo-empathic compassion, guilt, despair) even as they are encouraged to emote publicly. 

Meanwhile the progression of the increasingly dominant Sorathic agenda of encouraging global and within-nation chaos proceeds under these masks. 

As was, indeed, the intention all along; and (presumably) the reason why the current Arrakis situation was collusively set-up in the first place. 

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Heh said...

Keep hoping to see giant papier-mâché puppets in the street protests but none yet.