Tuesday 28 May 2024

Become aware, by experience - rather than "making use" of hearsay

In this bureaucratic and totalitarian world; most of "knowledge" (including among Christians, including among the most "traditionalist" and orthodox Christians) is second-hand hearsay without experiential understanding; and this knowledge is only learned as a means to the end of "making use" of it. 

Information comes in a template of check-lists, bullet-headings, action points - generic responses to general problems - that reveals the essential motivation to be the manipulation of reality in conformity to will

On top of this; experience is rigged by ideology and propaganda; such that the implications even of the obvious may be inverted. 

Likewise; the outcomes of our actions and attempted manipulations are immunized against learning from them - so that whatever happens, ideology is confirmed.   

Consequently; mainstream modern people actually strive to live their lives like those who make friends in order to make-use of them. 

Our proper task is very different; and includes the need to become aware of much that is unconscious neglected, ignored, denied.

But being aware is not merely knowing about them - in the typically second-hand, externally-imposed modern fashion. 

The necessary awareness is an experience of existential consciousness. We know them by comprehending them in our thinking; as a single and whole action of apprehension: we know them, and know that we know them - all at once. 

That is experiential awareness; that is learning - and the purpose of such learning is not knowable until after it has happened.  

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