Monday 6 May 2024

Why are ultimate choices clearer and simpler than before - despite these End Times of totalitarian value inversion?

If it is accepted that these are the End Times (in the sense I discuss) - and if it is recognized that populations in The West are pervasively subjected to an ideology of atheist-leftist-materialism via the mass media and the totalitarian state...

Then, one might assume that the situation is hope-lessly complex and confusing; and that an individual has near-zero-chance of navigating through that ocean of untruthfulness and deception which constitutes mainstream discourse. 

Yet - I would say instead that the ultimate things of life have never been clearer and simpler to people.* 

So clear, and so simple, that all individuals are able to make the discernments they need to make, to live their lives as they need to live them - if that is they desire; and to choose salvation - if they wish for it. 

Nowadays, the deceptions, confusions, insanity etc. are all so very extreme, and their rationalizations so ridiculous, as to be self-refuting at a very deep and irresistible level. 

Whatever excuses people make to themselves; many have decided to believe that which they know, deep-down and un-ignorably, is evil nonsense. 

What we are really up-against in these End Times, is not social conditions hostile to real values... We are up-against a dawning realization that not-many people desire that which Jesus Christ offers


*This, because these are times of mainstream, top-down, encouraged (and increasingly mandatory) value-inversion; and we all have knowledge of true values built-into us and available for guidance via the Holy Ghost. Inverted values are not just incoherent, which incoherence cannot be hidden; but also we know that these official values are false. 

Yes, excuses for embracing inverted values are not just available but positively socially approved and supported... But we know this too. 

In a nutshell; even though the external world propagates and "proves" value inversions near-universally; nonetheless, our inner and real selves cannot-help but understand that this is false. 

And when we choose to ignore our intuition and subordinate our souls to external influences - our intuition knows this too.

The unpalatable truth is that we Already know what we need to know, and we Just Are responsible for our choices. 

Yet, evil choices must be made and re-made, so long as we live; and can be changed. And that imposes its own kind of pressure.     


Tipesola said...

I can confirm this on my part, at least. I could never bring myself to believe in Christianity even as a child/teen, and an important part of that was that nothing it could offer appealed to me at all.
I could only choose eternal existence (which I felt would inevitably be torturous in itself) in one of two places, and getting to the "good place" would require a lot of effort and vigilance for something that I didn't even want to begin with.
On the other hand, even the worst-case scenario of Buddhism (endless reincarnation) seems to me preferable to Christian Heaven, let alone the promise of Nirvana and being blown out like a candle.
I'm sure I'm not alone in seeing existence itself as our primary problem, which when solved/transcended solves all of our other problems, as well!

Ftan said...

Well, I'm not sure about what @Tipesola is trying to say.

Yes, things are clearer now, since the lines have been drawn more clearly than before, and we usually are right to do the opposite of what the totalitarian left says we ought to do. For example, we are told that we must eat more plants (or even insects!), perhaps exclusively. We are then correct to assume that doing this will be net-bad for us, and that we will be better off eating fewer plants.

Latigo3 said...

Your writing on the End Times is spot on. Some have called the 2nd coming a 3rd Exodus. First Exodus (the children of Israel), 2nd Exodus what Jesus did (the Greek word for Exodus was used when describing the discussion that Jesus had with Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration). If his 2nd coming is to be an Exodus for believers, then your writings make even more sense when we study the complaints and sarcasm that was leveled at Moses by the children of Israel after their Exodus. In essence, they had become comfortable in Egypt, comfortable with their way of life, missing the "seething pots", and so much more.
Coming out of Egypt, Babylon and Rome has always been what the believer must do and yet finds the most difficult.
Once again, thank you.