Wednesday 20 November 2019

The Non-Brexit Election: closing of the 2016-19 window

UK politics has been paralysed for three and a half years, because the population wants to Leave the European Union, while the Establishment wants the nation to Remain subordinated.

Because of the Brexit 'confusion' (manufactured and sustained by the EU-loving Global Establishment and its client class) a UK General Election has been called, ostensibly to settle the question of Brexit (again) - but the election has been structured such that it does not allow a Brexit option.

Instead, the majority-Brexit supporting voters can for one of several parties, Labour, Conservative, Social Democrats or the Scottish, Ulster and Welsh parties - all of which oppose Brexit.

Several outcomes are possible, but this election cannot result in Brexit: Brexit is off the agenda.

Far from being the touted single issue election to sort-out a problem; the parties and mass media are running a 'normal service has been resumed' election; in which Labour and Conservative pretend to slug it out with voter-pandering lies; and there is a frantic media effort to make this pantomime fight interesting and distracting.

But this time, anyone with eyes and a brain knows for sure that this is a uni-party election.

Where it matters - which is the global totalitarian agenda; all voteable parties are in favour, the entire Establishment is in favour. The population are just supposed to turn-out and vote for one or other cipher linked to a bureaucratic sub-department of what has been revealed as a single Establishment organisation.

I said anyone 'with eyes and a brain' - this will also be the election in which we discover what proportion of the British population do have eyes and a brain - that is, who can observe and reason.

I suspect that it will prove to be a small proportion. I suspect that this election will reveal that the mass of UK people who support Brexit are a bunch of dumb saps who are not actually ever going to do anything about anything - except roll-out and vote for one bunch of lying, demon-serving traitors; or the other.

After which the Establishment can get on with their totalitarian project without further worry.

Thus will close the window of opportunity, the possibility of a spiritual awakening, that was unexpectedly (to me) opened back in 2016 by the Brexit vote. With the British population confirmed as docile drones, the new Satanic age of systematic value inversion can begin: an age implemented by rapidly accelerating total-surveillance and micro-control of all the Little People, like you and me.

Or will it? Will this election bring some unforeseen surprise that keeps matters open, and keeps hope alive? I can think of one or two possibilities. For example, if nobody actually turns-up to vote, leaving just the fake-postal voters - that could be interesting.

Either way, I feel that by Christmas, one way or another, we will know a lot more about our future; there will be a national mood evident and solid. As I see it from here; that mood will probably be one of Impending Doom; but it is still possible that it may instead be Cautiously Hopeful. Until then I feel as if on a knife edge.


Francis Berger said...

Watching the former Prime Minister intentionally bungle the whole process put me off following the Brexit situation closely. Nevertheless, I experienced a ray of hope when the Brexit Party did well in the EU elections. I thought the Brexit Party might provide the catalyst needed to finally pry the UK out of the EU, but as far as I can tell, the BP has imploded (or has been purposefully decimated).

I am not sure how legitimate the BP ever really was, but if they (or some other pro-Brexit party) are not a force in the upcoming UK election, then your assessment is spot on - the only thing this vote will decide is which Remain party wins.

I'm optimistic by nature, but I struggle to find the bright spot in this agonizing political mess.

Don't shoot the messenger said...

The common bottom line amongst various Christians I have asked recently is that they all feel they need to vote because...well,p died for the privelage of voting and it is a moral duty. As for which party, well God will help us decide via prayer/reflection. Not voting seems of the table. I have found this attitude almost universal. You are very much the exception Bruce, to regard not voting as a moral imperative.


Bruce Charlton said...

@David - Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.

Actually it is worse; it is a moral failure to recognise reality - at some level Christians know that it is fear which prevents them acknowledging the situation. And to live in accordance with fear is a sin, one that is unlikely to be acknowledged, or repented.

@Frank - My understanding is that the BP has de facto (ie. dishonestly) stood down from contesting the election; presumably due to the usual combination of (lyingly denied) bribery and intimidation.

This *ought to be* a lesson of how very bad things have become, and that voting/ 'democracy'/ parliament are a barely-concealed tyranny being using with unconcealed contempt for the nation and people. But this kind of simple and obvious truth is apparently beyond the capacity of a hedonic and despairing populace... Or is it?

The possibility of a large scale, last minute awakening eventually becomes too late... we must be very near to, or past, too-late. After that, nothing stands between us and value-inversion as a way of life/ death.

It's a choice.

Faculty X said...

David, you should talk to Jehovah's Witnesses for views grounded in what the Bible really says.

There is no universal suffrage democracy in the Bible. Christians are complicit with the System.

Time to go Old Testament.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FX - "Christians are complicit with the System. "

Yes, but the response is to go outside of system, not to embrace an old/ obsolete system. We live in an era of linked systems (i.e totalitarianism) - all systems will be incorporated - so, no system.

"Time to go Old Testament." No, it would just be a pose, it is no longer possible. Time is linear.

jas said...

i was till very recently depressed about the whole political and social situation in this country, but i've changed my mind. only when times are bad do people recognise the good. bad has to happen

Bruce Charlton said...

@jas - That used to be the case. My concern is that it is no longer the case, because people apparently cannot recognise the bad even when it is staring them in th eface.

jas said...

but there are people who do, which is the most important thing, even if a small number. If they exist, there is hope. Nothing that is happening now is worse than what's happened in history. the thirty years war wiped out a third of germany's population, it continued to exist as a christian nation afterwards. the islamic invasions of india killed approx 80 million natives, and 800 years of muslim plus british colonial rule did nothing to destroy the hindu nation. maybe disasters made them stronger?

Bruce Charlton said...

@jas - But now things are different, because going extinct or being wiped-out is officially regarded as A Good Thing. We invite and pay people to invade and take-over The West, we favour the hostile stranger and despise ourselves. We celebrate, subsidise and enforce feckless promiscuity, childlessness, anti-biological sexuality, delusional sexual identities etc... Values are inverted. This is new territory, and past experiences are misleading comparisons.