Tuesday 24 March 2020

How far will this be taken?

I would assume that the Global Establishment want to take the collapse just to that point where they have achieved the maximum power; by means of their currently-favoured mechanisms of omni-surveillance, total control and the domination of a single bureaucracy.

But such would necessarily be a high-tech highly-organised modern dystopia; whereas if things go much further in the direction of collapse; high-tech and organisation will be among the first casualties - and likely impossible to restore.

This is an aspect yet to emerge, yet to become clear. Will this global collapse stop short of destroying the infrastructure of global governance? Or will it continue beyond that point? Is this of the nature of an intended re-set, or is it an all-consuming, apocalypic outcome that is planned?  Re-boot or Revelations? 

It looks as if those in ultimate control (that is, the demonic entities who influence, sometimes control, the most powerful humans engineering the totalitarian takeover) may well intend to take this collapse a great deal further than would benefit the Global Establishment... Into realms where the vast apparatus of world trade, economic specialisation and coordination, bureaucracy and the mass media - and the vast leftist ideologies of equality, antiracism, pseudo-environmentalism and the sexual revolution - all collapse into universal chaos.

If matters continue to the point where the Global Establishment cannot govern - because the tools of governance have been destroyed by the same collapse that (so they believed) would lead them to absolute power; then this may turn-out to be a situation in which the Global Establishment have been demonically deceived, along with the masses.

On the whole this latter scenario seems likely: that the Global Establishment will at some point realise that they have been tricked; and are not going to be raised up as total rulers of the world; but instead reduced to the same level as the masses of the world.

After all, the demonic spritits are not 'on the side of' any human beings, indeed ultimately each is only out for himself; and such double-crossing deceptions are, apparently, their favourite activity of all.

So when evil is triumphant, we should Not expect to see the emergence of 'a new stability' - but wave after wave of increasing chaos with no end-point sought or attainable; as evil turn-upon evil in sub-dividing groups; until it is each for himself, here and now. And ultimately a single winner, presumably Satan - and then (since he hates all of creation) his own suicide.

(Meanwhile, those who have chosen Heaven will look on all this with sorrow; but with other and greater matters of loving creation as their primary concern.)


Francis Berger said...

I could be wrong about this, but I get the distinct sense that various factions within the Global Establishment are jockeying for power concerning their places or proportion of power/influence in a one world governance system; and that these various factions are now playing a game of chicken with each other to see who blinks first. The US/China trade stuff and Russia's recent actions within OPEC spring to mind. Some would even argue Russia might be trying to disrupt the one-world system in favor of a multi-polar world (Dugin, et. al).

I'm not claiming this is what is happening, but it might be worth considering at the geopolitical level. In the meantime, it appears every power within the System is more than happy to take advantage of the birdemic to clamp down on its citizenry and enrich its own elite via stimulating QE bazookas and helicopter drops of unlimited debt.

Sean Fowler said...

I actually think the ultimate goal is to get everybody chipped. That will require and extremely well organized and well functioning system of bureaucratic, global governance and surveillance. So that will have to remain intact.
A certain degree of stability will have to be maintained for the populace, with intermittent disasters, both real and imagined, until such time as they are ready, which I don’t think they are yet, then they can pull the rug out from under us and create total desperation thereby minimizing resistance. I think we can expect a number of crises of varying destructive magnitude, that have the effect of increasing globalist power. It seems there is much more to be built before the whole House can be brought down.
The main lesson from the birdemic will probably be, we should have done what China did from the beginning. The populace will agree. Justififying totalitarian legislation and total surveillance. These crisis will need to be “solved” by increasing debt and decreasing freedom until such time as the platform for he who cannot be named is ready.
But I could be completely wrong.

Craig Davis said...

I conjecture that avoiding total collapse better serves Ahriman's goals by allowing more time to corrupt souls. A total collapse is more likely to wake people to love and Jesus. Therefore, since a total collapse is more likely to benefit God's plan, perhaps it is he that will tip the scales?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - That's how I see it too.

@Sean - I agree that that is the dominant plan; but there are other 'factions' and plans don't always work-out as planned.

@Craig - Indeed - God could and would do so if that was of spiritual benefit for his beloved children and the hope of salvation. But also the Ahrimanic (materialistic) type of demons have a very partial and inaccurate model of reality; and might well sabotage themselves - as bureaucrats so often do.

Jared said...

Part of what allows me to be able to read these posts about demonic influences and not be overly horrified, is that I believe there is asymmetry between the very good (God), and the very bad (Satan). So when I read about the demonic powers, I imagine spirits, that, although they are beings, influence people like feelings, appealing to certain tendencies in people.
So I believe the humans will 'win', although many leaders and people in power will probably give in to bad influences. I think people influence each other, and the more saner parts of the upper crust will ultimately prevail.
That being said, this is a very sobering time and I am glad for the experience it's giving me.

Epimetheus said...

Maybe the humans involved in the conspiracy are motivated by power-hunger - and fully believe that's what they're working towards - but the dominant demons are actually making a grab for moral authority. The System was running low on the stuff, and the demons might need more of it in order to intensify the psycho-spiritual torture of the human race (and God).

That's what I see out there. The System isn't really acquiring much more political power than it had before, because it had so much already, but it *is* making huge gains on recovering the moral authority it was losing among the People. Is that plausible?

Otto said...

Corvid-19 was just the initial and harmless trial run to see how people would react.

Later this year They will release the deadly RaRaAvis-20 mind-virus.

a_probst said...

"...a single winner, presumably Satan - and then (since he hates all of creation) his own suicide."

One can only hope! Don't make us drool.

If C.S. Lewis' Screwtape notion of Satan trying to absorb all beings were the case, his suicide would mean the death of all damned souls. Better than an eternity of torment, though maybe a nanosecond in that state is as bad as an eternity if it ends in sudden non-existence with no time to say "Whew!"

Bruce Charlton said...

a_p - My understanding is that the torment of damned souls is self-chosen - much like we see all around us. Those who find it hard to understand how anyone would reject the offer of Heaven and instead choose hell, only needs to look around.