Friday 13 March 2020

Phase Two marks the end of New Leftism/ Political Correctness

Leftism is very generally misunderstood as being 'about' some positive program such as equality, diversity, feminism, the sexual revolution or the environment. Not so.

Over the long term, and in terms of ultimate aims; the Left is not in favour of anything in particular - but it simply picks up and discards causes as happens to be expedient - just as it picked-up and made a fetish of 'the proletariat' (essentially native-born, white, working men) for more than a century; before turning-against, vilifying and demonizing the exact same class.

If we are indeed entering Phase Two, as I suggested last weekend - then we should not be surprised if the Establishment very suddenly drops its obsession with the aspects of Leftism that have been dominant since the 1960s.

We should not be surprised if recent SJW/ Woke crusades - such as the Trans agenda, Global Warming, Western population replacement by mass migration - are simply thrown under the bus over the next few weeks and months.

The world may suddenly appear to be more (so-called) 'Right Wing'.

(Not true - because the only alternative to the Left is religion.) 

But this is not a good sign! - from any point of view. All it means is that the gloves are off, and the totalitarian agenda is being pursued under another and more effective justification: the Establishment posing as saviours from the masses gripped by abject fear of death.

[Establishment: You are all going to die horribly, unless you allow us to convert the world to North Korea. The Western Masses: Fine by us... Well, what are you waiting for? Get on with it already!]

The real agenda of the Establishment is not Leftism but evil; or we could say - Leftism is merely a name for the demonic strategy that is (overall, in the long-term) anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Good and anti-natural-Creation.

Therefore, if it is expedient that the Global Esablishment can get what they want by dumping the  rainbow coalition of politically-correct New-Leftism and instead encouraging aggressive individual survivalism, militarism, nationalism, racism... whatever is secular and materialist and happens to work at controlling the populations in the directions they want - then they will not hestitate to do so.


Francis Berger said...

I believe you are on to something very significant here. Over the past week or two, I have been wondering how Leftist concepts like open borders and unlimited mass migration could possibly have any legs after this birdemic, as you put it, goes away, presuming it ever does. It would also help explain the EU's current about-face on migration on open borders. It also occurred to me that 'pressing' issues like the trans agenda will likely not garner much interest or sympathy during, what now will most likely be, impending economic hardship.

Accordingly, it is perfectly conceivable that the issues that have plagued us until now will simply dissipate and be replaced by something that aligns with a right-wing agenda. Of course, this will immediately guarantee the continuation of infighting; perhaps it will even exacerbate it as SJW types struggle to maintain their dominance as inspired and motivated secular right wingers push forward to take over.

The key here is Christianity. As you note, it makes no difference which wing is dominant if that dominance is anti-Christian.

Keen insights, Bruce. They helped me pull together many of the stray thoughts I have had over the past few weeks.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - Thanks. I too find it easy to forget that the powers behind Leftism are just *using* the likes of trans/ climate change/ diversity people - just as they used to use coal miners, shipyard and steel workers. They don't care about any of this stuff, of course. Just damned souls.

I think the demonic powers may have made a mistake, due to impatience perhaps - or love of tormenting, in abandoning a strategy which was heading towards a very complete inversion of values - which is the only guaranteed way to lure souls to Hell.

This current fear and oppression Phase is probably a backward step towards coercion, and makes it much more likely for there to be a pro-Christian backlash.

Or, 'They' may judge that the West is by now so deeply Godless and corrupt, that they can just 'get on with it' as quickly as possible - because people are so demotivated and addicted that there is insignificant danger of backlash.

G. said...

I would be surprised at complete abandonment.

The sexual revolution is just too fundamental to them.

The message is going to be, Christians, due to emergency X, put aside your petty parochial concerns and stand with the gays and the abortionist to fight X.

"The pandemic case for gay marriage."

and also, focusing on marriage and children and family is selfish during this crisis.

Bruce Charlton said...

@G - I think we need to distinguishing 'lip service' from genuine prioritising.

Just recently, Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US were giving lip service to rather Old left proletarian/ class concerns. But in practice these are always subordinated to the New Left agenda - so the working class men stand in a queue *behind* global finance, women, gay/trans issues, immigrants, and global warming.

The Leftists want the support of their old 'pets', the proletariat, but do not intent to give anything substantive in return.

(A few months ago, the English working class finally woke up to this after some fifty years of escalating betrayal; and transferred two or three generations worth of solid Labour votes to (what they hope to be) pro-Brexit Boris.)

I am saying we should not be surprised if something similar happens to the *New* Left agenda from here forwards - lip-service and lots of theory; but in practice... nothing.

Freddy Martini said...

Yes, Bruce you called it years in advance. Again, thanks a lot for all the good work you have done. In your British style you take a more sober and long view than perhaps we Americans take - we tend to forget, and make immediate judgements in the moment, and we tend to be a bit too giddy and optimistic. Your British soberness provides a very good balancing effect for the giddy American soul, while I am sure we may provide something likewise in many cases. And, I think, as you have, the wicked powers have made a mistake because there are Christians like your group of readers who refuse to accept modern propagandizing, and cannot be shaken, because, for whatever reason, we have that unbendable core centeredness that has not been shaken or touched by all their efforts! Take Care. Thanks again.

Andrew said...

Dr. Charlton, what is the immediate goal coming to fruition? Are they attempting to create a perfection damnation-society, or a machine of damnation? Or is do they desire to actually bring about the End Times and a War With Heaven?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Andrew - I'm not clear of what you mean by these terms - I try to be explicit about what I think They are doing in many of the posts I write. But I do not believe in the Second Coming as a part of the End Times, because from the Fourth Gospel there is no mention of a second coming and there is no need: Jesus Christ fully accomplished what he set out to do. Heaven will be where Heaven is.

I think there is value in the idea of End Times, in the sense that there will be an end to mortal Men's destiny on this earth - it will not continue for eternity. And maybe this will be preceded by a positive feedback state, when evil feeds evil (in much the way we see currently).

a_probst said...

"...will be preceded by a positive feedback state, when evil feeds evil..."

Oh great. That leaves possibilities wide open for those cacatopian* Huxley, Orwell, Gibson, or Ellison futures.

*Anthony Burgess' correction of the misnomer "dystopia". (He also replaced "utopia" with "eutopia".)