Friday 27 March 2020

Man in the Corner Shop by The Jam

A little known but perfect song from the English New Wave (post-punk) band The Jam - who were, like many of the iconic bands, a trio; from the album Sound Affects in 1982.

At this time, The Jam had good claim to be the number one band in the UK. But they never 'crossed the pond' - too English.

Puts up the closed sign does the man in the corner shop
Serves his last and he says goodbye to him
He knows it is a hard life
But its nice to be your own boss really

Walks off home does the last customer
He is jealous of the man in the corner shop
He is sick of working at the factory
Says it must be nice to be your own boss (really)

Sells cigars to the boss from the factory
He is jealous is the man in the corner shop
He is sick of struggling so hard
He says- it must be nice to own a factory

Go to church do the people from the area
All shapes and classes sit and pray together
For here they are all one
For God created all men equal


ted said...

All hail Paul Weller (from across the pond!)

Bruce Charlton said...

It's the bass of Bruce Foxton I especially like. That's how I would want to play.

ToTheRightRon said...

Paul Wellers first two solo albums are fantastic!

Hrothgar said...

My feelings about this song are quite mixed. I didn't much care for either the singing style or the lyrics, which I found rather unpoetic, nor was the melody particularly memorable. The sentiments were fine in themselves - I just wish they could have been expressed more finely, if you take my meaning!

The bass stood out strongly for me too, though, and was really the most enjoyable part of the performance. I think I would be wise not to cherish such an ambition as actually wanting to play like that myself, due to my complete lack of aptitude for playing any instrument which even remotely resembles the guitar. But if I did aspire to play the electric bass, this performance certainly seems like it would be one I might want to emulate!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

"Man in the Corner Shop by the Jam" sounds like the name of a painting.