Friday 20 March 2020

Living in a lunatic asylum - being moved into the acute ward

I've felt for quite a while - since before I wrote Thought Prison, for sure - that I was living in an asylum for the chronically deluded; but more recently it's as if I have been moved into the locked ward for severe emergency admissions.

I am used-to chronic, low-grade, delusional systems (materialism, New Leftism, Climate Emergency, the trans- agenda etc). But now the world is gripped by unreasoning, abject, unconstrained terror of a trivial birdemic.

Even more weirdly; there truly is a real and lethal physical crisis upon us (by far the worst for three generations), which will (if present trends continue to escalate) fairly quickly kill billions - which is the global totalitarian takeover, shut-down and isolation. The deliberate stepwise collapse of the world system of production and distribution.

But in this inverted world; the true danger is one that the masses are begging to have more of, faster, more severely...

The fact that this time (the time of Antichrist - as a concept if not as a person) is long-planned by the powers of evil also means it has long been anticipated by God. This further means that (for Christians, followers of Jesus) there is a path-through whatever will happen to each of us - and treading this path we can each learn much that will be valuable and helpful for our eternal life to come.

It is inaccurate to regard our mortal life as a 'test'; life is best understood as a series of experiences from-which we ought-to learn.

Not that there is a single, planned path through a predetermined unfolding of The World, which we passively must follow - not at all. This is a world that Men co-create with God, by our agency.

But if we are alert and aware to the guidance of the Holy Ghost (that is: the spirit of the risen Jesus Christ) we will always be able to know what to do, here-and-now, at the time when it ought-to-be done.

Of course this is the case! We are living in God's creation, and God is always present in his creation. However, because we are free beings; we each need to intitiate, recognise and consciously accept divine contact in order to receive this guidance.

All of this absolutely requires that we (each one of us) are living our lives in light of the love of God (his creation, its purposes, the values of his creation); and our choice to follow The Good Shepherd through death to resurrected Life Everlasting in Heaven.

But if a person is Not living in such faith - if he is Not living with the expectation (hope) of such an eternal outcome as Heaven... If a person is Not living such that love is his priority... If a person is not repenting and repudiating other sinful motivators such as fear, resentment and despair whenever they arise (and they do arise)...

In brief: if a person does not believe, want and embrace that which Christ offers, then clearly he shall not be aiming in the right direction to get this; he will not even want to tread the path to salvation and theosis provided by God.

In sum, such a not-Christian person will not be wanting what God has provided and made possible for us. Therefore he will not get it.

This, at least, I am finding - day by day. Although I am prone to wobbles - lapses and decompensations; so long as these are recognised, repented and repudiated; I find that I am experiencing an incrementally increasing clarity about what I personally need to do (in my exact, moment-by-moment situation) and how to do it.

As the insanity and evil increases acceleratingly all around me; the contrast with, and distinction from, goodness and reality becomes easier and easier to discern. It gets simpler to recognise and reject the prevalent lies and delusions.

This bad and worsening experience has therefore led (despite several zag-zags and nasty lapses) to a stronger and deeper faith; as God has ensured will be possible, for all who want what God is offering.


Anonymous said...

'Although I am prone to wobbles - lapses and decompensations'

Yes, so am I. I hate it, and loathe myself when it happens. Is it correct to say that these episodes are used to mount demonic attacks, and that self loathing is a weapon I am gifting the demons?

Saying sorry, and repenting, and yo-yo-ing between fear and repentance is now happening daily.

It goes like this in my head -

'What if the epidemiologists are correct - I haven't got the guts to face it.
Stop it, of course you have, anyway it is just a scare that the forces of evil are using - repent of your weakness, and look to Jesus".

It is hard to accept sometimes that vacillation of that order can be forgiven, and that is a sin in itself that I need to repent.

It is like a war in my heart.

My reason tells me that I am not the only one who is fighting this war, but when you are home alone ...


Bruce Charlton said...

@Barry - No, it's part of God's plan. If God had wanted us perfect, invulnerable to temptation - we would not be like we are, and the world would not be like it is.

It's so we can learn - it keeps happening because we haven't learned yet.

The power of repentance is infinite. Jesus came to save *sinners*. If we want what Jesus offers, and follow him - we are assured of salvation. Nobody is 'denied' salvation.

Those who go to Hell are those who choose Hell (by whatever name) - likewise Nirvana (unconscious impersonal not human bliss), Sheol (oblivion) - and any other options.

Bruce Charlton said...

From a comment by Jake:

Inspiring post, Bruce...

This period of social madness and evil is coming at a very odd time for me. Why? Because it is precisely at this time that I've fallen in love with a woman, and just previously that, found a path that is leading me to God and actual Christian faith...

...To be courageous and strong enough with faith to endure the process of discovering intimacy is very challenging. And that's even without the demonic oppression.

I had a frank discussion with the mayor of our town this morning. I told him my views a bit. He admitted that 50% of local small businesses will probably fold if this shutdown continues. Strange times.

William Wildblood said...

Is there any country in the world that is just carrying on and weathering the coronavirus storm so we can have a comparison to see if, as I suspect, the attempts to stop it are much more damaging in their consequences than the disease itself which does mostly seem to be killing people who are about due to go anyway?

I may be showing my ignorance in saying this but I do wonder why there appear to be no dissenting voices about government action in the official media. That is just not natural.

Adil said...

This clearly seems like a preemptive measure by the unseen powers to reassure their stronghold, like a military band who reacts from risking to lose its advantage and quickly reorganizes positions so that the prey remains subdued. A great Systemic fire drill, if you will.

I guess this will be the last blow to the remains of spontaneous public as well as private civil society. From now on, no nice little pubs or 'unplanned' personal environments. Finally, everyone is to be a monitored cubicle-apartment individualist, serving the corporations. Ideally avoiding as much 'unnecessary' human contact as possible. No one will escape the Eye of Sauron.

Because of this, I like your idea of opposing anonymity. In a monitored society, it is better to stay firm in the light than pretending to hide behind the bush. The State has you encroached anyway and it will play into the hand of the Devil.

Cererean said...


Well, there's Peter Hitchen's, whose attitude is that we should just carry on as normal and if people die, they die.

My own personal view is, whatever the reason for the shutdown, it's an enforced Sabbath rest. A time for all the distractions to fall by the wayside, and for people to be put in a position where they, as individuals, are before God with plenty of time to spend with Him. If this *is* the end for most of us (I do not think it is), then it's an allowance of time for the undecided to ask the question posed by Johnny Cash. "Will you partake of that last offered cup?"

"Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away... ... And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I don't know. I suppose some third world nations would be exempt, for the time being - not least because this kind of thing could not be imposed; but I think one would need some direct personal information to know this (rather than media filtered and twisted).

My mind keeps recurring to various end times prophecies that I used to find rather hard to comprehend - about the deceptions of Antichrist and the way that the faithful are nearly all led astray. That's how I see it; I quite honestly think that *almost* everybody is literally (although not medically) insane.

Interestingly, the blogger Z-Man (who is not a Christian, nor religious) has kept his head pretty well - indeed, his perspective seems to have improved as the crisis progressed; it seems to have partly awakening him. Z realises that this reaction will certainly crash the world economy, and will certainly cause at least *many* millions of deaths due to 'shortages' (personally I would multiply this by ten or a hundred, even in a timescale of months).

But hardly anybody other than myself (and good old David Icke!) regards this impending collapse and mass death due to The Reaction (the birdemic being trivial) as deliberately planned - indeed carefully and cleverly planned (preferring instead to regard it as due to irrationality, ignorance or recklessness).

William Wildblood said...

It is certainly very odd how almost everyone just goes along with the party line. I suspect that is because we are so drugged by the media that have we lost the ability to think for ourselves.

Peter Hitchens is very good in lots of ways. Not all ways but compared to most other mainstream voices, he really does stand out as a voice of sanity.

Adil said...


I think Bruce has been correct about what a godless society does to the public mind. Very susceptible to insanity, expediency and mass media opium. Public discourse is essentially like a 'puppet, following predictable patterns. The Nazis of yesterday are the climate rallies of today, etc.

I recall Iran has called the flu a biological weapon. I haven't seen media report anything about it which seems to suggest they are merely casting out smokescreens for the political agenda behind this. I believe, because the public has lost God, people lack scepticism and sensitivity to anything beyond the front pages of social reality. I wonder why Iran (the spiritual mother of Indo-European civilization) is so affected while surrounding countries show a very small amount of problems. My instincts tell me the demons are working full-cylinder on this one.

Atheism is the opium of the people.

Francis Berger said...

I wrote a post back on March 8 in which I suggested that the Establishment were sabotaging their System.

Oddly enough, a trip to a furniture store got me thinking about the devastating implications of freezing supply chains over the birdemic virus and the devastating effects that was going to have on the global economy. It became rather clear to me then that the Establishment was intent on bringing it all down.

But this is not something anyone wants to write about. And it is definitely not something anyone wants to be right about. But it definitely something we need to consider and prepare for (spiritually, above all else) as we move forward.

That is just one reason why your blog is so important here and now.

Otto said...

"But hardly anybody other than myself (and good old David Icke!) regards this impending collapse and mass death due to The Reaction (the birdemic being trivial) as deliberately planned - indeed carefully and cleverly planned (preferring instead to regard it as due to irrationality, ignorance or recklessness)."

I highly recommend the following video, which exposes the global establishment literally planning a virus pandemic during the "Event 201" meeting (shortly in advance of the actual birdemic), including discussions how to use the mass media to manipulate everyone:
- Viral Marketing.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis and Otto - Even if everyone tried hard, it would be difficult to stop Them - but, in fact, They are being cheered in the sabotage, every inch of the way.

There is a definite 'Old Testament' feel about things - but not in a good way.

Spiritual preparation, yes, that's what we need above all.

Ingemar said...

Gaslighting, gaslighting, gaslighting.

The birdemic is an exercise by the Establishment to see how far and how wide they can get away with gaslighting. So far they've passed with flying colors, because they've induced people who aren't their direct agents to do their dirty work for them.

The Establishment are addicted to power for its own sake and delight in disorder because they despise the Logos.

Bruce Charlton said...

Bill Jameson has left a new comment

"Businesses in my area are rapidly going under. The economic situation produced by this madness is infinitely more worrying than the virus.

"I'm seriously wondering if we're seeing a Western media captured by the Chinese as the basis of this deliberate effort to crash Western economies. Surely the demonic elites couldn't be happier with world control by explicitly atheistic Communists."

There is only *One* System - that has become obvious recently - the nations are pawns in that system.

Bill Jameson said...


Here is further evidence that the birdemic is being massively exaggerated:

"The problem with comparing mortality rates of flu and Wuhan virus is the flu uses the total estimated numbers to calculate the mortality rate, but the Wuhan virus is only using positive test results to calculate mortality.

To compare the same sets of data, from September through mid-March, there were 222,552 positive test results for influenza A & B, with 22,000 deaths. That's a 10% mortality rate from people hospitalized and tested positive for the flu: "

William Wildblood said...

Here is Peter Hitchens writing about the only sensible article I have seen in the mainstream media.

Bruce Charlton said...

I agree Peter Hitchens has come through with honour, almost uniquely; but he has been preparing spiritually for some considerable time.