Thursday 26 March 2020

Miracles and the Global totalitarian coup - both explained-away by Modern Man

I've often heard people ask why God does not just make big miracles so that people would have no alternative but to believe. One reason is that no miracle is big enough that Modern Man can't explain it away - as the Fatima miracle makes clear.

When people assume miracles cannot happen, they become unable to notice miracles. What instead happens is that modern materialism simply develops multiple strategies for explaining-away: illusion, delusion, insanity, fraud, manipulation...

In the end; we have reached a point that if a typical person experienced a miracle, he would assume himself to have had a mental breakdown, and would seek psychiatric treatment.

Indeed, there is nothing that I can imagine which is big enough that ordinary Modern Men cannot explain it away. In the space of about a month; just about everyone in the world has been placed under house arrest and a curfew imposed - the starkest possible totalitarian takeover on a vastly greater scale then ever before. And apparently hardly anybody has noticed.

This situation varies in the degree of completeness; but is interpreted by many (and the intent for all seems to be) that everybody (except defined key workers, while at work) ought-to stay indoors and alone, until given the all-clear in weeks, or months, or a year's time - or whenever (if ever) they are permitted to emerge.

The most basic human and natural contact has been, or will be, abolished - we most not meet people, we must not experience nature. Our world has shrunk to the media...

And yet people explain it away as a rational response to a birdemic that is (if only we could see past the hundredfold lack of dead bodies, the tiny numbers and proportion of people being killed by it) worse than the Black Death on steroids.

Consequently, most of the people in the world have apparently failed to notice the biggest and fastest political change in the history of the world!

Of course this means that people will go along with it, they believe it is all for their own good (and maybe, by the prevalent demonically-inverted ideas of 'good', they are right?).

But more deeply; it means that people of many kinds, races and places have nearly-all chosen to believe the biggest and most obvious lie in the history of our species. No wonder they double-down on the ludicrous assertions that we are experiencing a (worse) re-run of the Great Plague, and that mandatory international solitary confinement is a rational response!

To do otherwise is to open understanding to the real gravity of our situation; and to the deeply shocking revelation of the extent of our corruption and active embrace of evil.

Anyway; since The Plan is for us to experience the world only vicariously, via the mass and social media, in a fake virtuality that They control - I have decided to cut down on it and spend more of my time reading, writing by hand, meditating, praying - and appreciating life day by day, hour by hour. In a nutshell, I intend to convert enforced solitary confinement to a hermit-like family-monasticism including (at its heart) direct empathic communion with the divine.


Otto said...

"Indeed, there is nothing that I can imagine which is big enough that ordinary Modern Men cannot explain it away."

How about the following feat: Every mathematician would need to concede that the following is a miracle: a prediction of the 256 binary digits of the (SHA256) cryptographic hash of the cryptographic hash of a future block mined on the Bitcoin blockchain at a specific date and time in the future. They would have to concede such a feat is a miracle, because the probability of randomly guessing correctly is 1 in 2-to-the-power-of-256, which is 1 in 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Otto - Easily explained: Fraud. Or "It never happened".

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Otto, seriously? Appearing to guess an unguessable number? David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear!

Anonymous said...

Your blog and insights are very much appreciated.

Having just read all the Harry Potter books, I am reminded of the book (Order of the Phoenix) where Dumbledore's Army is formed. This is where Dolores Umbridge has taken over Hogwart's and is imposing increasingly draconian rules, including the rule that students cannot meet or they will be punished. Harry then finds the needed "Room of Requirement" where he and his fellow students secretly form Dumbledore's Army.

This is also the book where the Dementors are released by the Ministry of Magic, causing widespread fear. Meanwhile the Death Eaters are invisibly causing death and destruction.

Seems we are at that point where "Dumbledore's Army" (God's army) is being formed individual by individual, and the Umbridges of the world are desperately hoping to stop it. That is my sense of the current situation.


Bruce Charlton said...

@KM - I like the analogies. In the event, it was just very small groups of a few students that did most of the vital stuff - more like what I call a Quest Fellowship.

Otto said...

@Bruce & Wm Jas,

The counter-arguments do not apply, because the invention of the blockchain is a watershed moment in history:

- One of the reasons for this, is that it allows the creation of mathematically unforgeable timestamps: in other words, it allows the creation of mathematically unforgeable, undeniable, and undeletable proof that a given text (or file) existed at (or no later than) a given date+time. Such proof is public, and can be easily mathematically verified (even computationally verified) by anyone. Hence "it never happened" counterargument does not work, because the prediction itself would be assigned such an unforgable timestamp.

- A second reason is that the sequence of cryptographic hashes of the blocks is essentially a publically verifiable stream of true random numbers. The problem with other kinds of random number generators is that it's literally impossible to prove the source is random. However, the generation of the sequence of cryptographic hashes on the blockchain is according to a publically inspectable/verifiable algorithm; and moreover, can be influenced by anyone (e.g. by uploading one's own subset of 256 random transactions, based one the mental choices made in the privacy of one's mind) which will (randomly) influence the generation of all the later cryptographic hashes.

Hence, for the first time in history, an actual mathematically verifiable miracle is possible. Of course, if it happened, the general public would not understand it, but at least mathematicians and scientists would be forced to accept it.

P.S. I have not even mentioned the most important reason why the invention of the blockchain is a watershed moment, which is of course. that it allows a decentralized monetary system, of sound money, independent of the government/central bank.

Anonymous said...

Great observation, Bruce! I choose to live in Southern Utah,I'm a gal, my parents were Bay Area Trots Commies, and I have made the long journey to the opposite side of the great divide. I knew little about my Mormon ancestors’ struggle to journey to Utah in the 1850’s except scorn, derision and embarrassment. Am not a member of the church because the church politics tend to line up with our ruling imperial overlords (love everyone=open borders-we are all refugees now=bring “refugees in, hire them rather than locals for Chobani, etc., and distribute them along the Int. Mt. West--secret Ensign Peak $80 Billion from Your tithing—the church will sell out the Int. Mt. West, roll over and pee pee on their collective tummies when the Overlords demand the end to the 2nd Amendment—the Int. Mt. West will painfully discover this is not a local church but a globalist international church that will do what the Overlords say to stay alive). So I will be a good friend but keep my brain and distance.
Went to LDS church for 4 years as a non-member, the Bishop liked me and gave me a “calling” as Relief Society Chorister which I happily took so I could learn about the church and I like historical music. Took a 3 year break to totally defeat Lyme disease (a miracle), I am completely healed and ready to nibble around the edges of the church, take the good, leave the crummy, and enjoy my neighbors.
I am noticing women here in Cedar City having a couple of reactions. Taking a bearing on the Mormon women I know, they go immediately into…..God’s in control of this so therefore I don’t want to talk about nor think about the virus or economy at all. Trust in God. I bring up...what happened to tether your Camel...and I get a baleful shutdown. For Mormon women in Utah, the blinkers are up. For non-Mormon women, high levels of stress, anxiety, and arm waving plus they don’t want to talk about virus or economy. Do whatever the CDC edicts demand. The blinkers are up, except for screaming hysterically Orange Man Bad! I am so bored with women…..sigh. Not much hope back here for a wakeup.
Thank you Bruce. Your thoughts mean much to me. Have shared you with my Bay Area daughter and she drinks of your postings with great thirst.
PS: While working in water treatment, I learned a basic economic theorem. As Z says, you don’t throw $1 million at a $100 problem. You don’t demand “pure” water-you can’t afford it….with all the regulations, upgrades and $millions for the continual upgrades to treatment will not be able to afford your water. Too expensive. Same with the virus. The choice is: Tank the economy of Western Civilisation to save some lives, forgetting that when the economy is tanked, people jump off bridges. Hm...some choice….I choose to see another reality.---Range Front Fault

Ingemar said...

There have ALWAYS been ready-made explanations for how the works of Christ were fake. See Matthew 9:34, Mark 3:22 and Luke 11:15.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Otto, so if a stage magician appeared to perform the feat you are proposing, would you conclude that he had real magical powers, or that it was a trick? I know you are very confident that such a trick would be impossible to pull off -- but are you more certain of that than you are that the feat itself is impossible?

Epimetheus said...

I've noticed another problem, too. When modern humans experience miracles in the outer world, they can and will explain it away, as you say Bruce. And even when humans experience miracles in the inner world, things can go wrong too. I've seen it a few times now and experienced it myself.

When a modern person has a radical Divine injection into their consciousness, they can instantly come to think of themselves as a guru, a visionary, a Moses who will lead humanity to a new golden age etc. etc. So the divine touch is used to build a sort of false golden image of one's self inside, which will then become the object of worship and service, rather than God.

I wonder if - for modern Western individuals - "Divine Supply" is almost instantly converted to "Narcissistic Supply."

So we seem to require a much lighter, more invisible touch by Heaven. Maybe this is why grand mystic visions seem to have become rare? They can contribute to the grandiose delusions of the ever-hungry False Selves. Maybe this is also a natural outcome of the highly-individuated modern western soul - a foreknown outcome of Man's spiritual evolution.

Anonymous said...

The birdemic has exactly the same storyline as the movie Contagion. A significant portion of the population watched that movie. Why can't everyone see straight through this?

More people than usual seem to be questioning the official narrative, at least....The amount of people who believe this seems to be about 50/50, from what I've seen. Though even that is concerning because the birdemic is, as you say, the most blatant lie that has ever been pushed upon us.

Today I received an email from the dean of a (so-called) Christian university in California that we may return to work, but only if we show an ID and "provide a reason" for being on campus -- um, because I work there? Calling the local school district leads to an automated message about schools resuming in early April, but with reduced, there will probably be massive layoffs save lives, of course.

As soon as this started, I thought of the Ahriman demon of red tape you've mentioned. The dean is following orders from somebody who is following orders from somebody, and so on indefinitely, so that everyone evades responsibility, like the tactics used in Nazi Germany. Politicians are acting like a hive mind as well.

Spiritually speaking, we sense the evil behind this great deception; on a physical level, there's evidence that the birdemic is a cover for installing weaponized 5G systems everywhere, and I've seen evidence of that with my own eyes: major construction at schools, new power boxes appearing on telephone poles, and white vans parked outside closed shops. Time will tell, I guess.

Bruce Charlton said...

Epi. That's discussed in an upcoming post.

ED. Some said that the glut of dystopian and apocalyptic movies was the population to follow the script. Maybe they were right, because that's what's happening.