Sunday 15 March 2020

This Project Fear phase leads inexorably to Project Despair

We are currently living in the first successful - mass and sustained - application of the Project Fear strategy.

The infinitely-gullible West has been manipulated into a state of spiralling, unconstrained fear, such that it is embracing - demanding - totalitarian takeover.

But the reality of this world is one of Spiritual Warfare between (on one side) the powers of evil and (on the other side) God, Good and God's Creation.

So, totalitarianism is just a means to an end. That end is for people to reject God, regard God and creation as evil, and believe the inversion that evil is the true-good... 

To this end; Project Fear will be superceded by Project Despair.

The plan is for Western people to be isolated, starved of basic human contact - dependent wholly on the (censored, evil) input of the mass and social media - in which situation spiralling fear will turn to despair.

Despair is lack of Hope: it is to believe that life has no purpose or meaning (ie. to believe that there is no Good and Loving God) - there is only present suffering.

Then the yearning is for death and annihilation.

When life is nothing but fear, then death is sought. Fear transforms to despair - and suicide becomes a positive value.

Project Despair is the inversion of Christian Faith, Hope and Charity - it is for people to regard themselves as purposeless, meaningless and isolated.

Suicide will first be discussed as a valid possibility, then encouraged as a social virtue, then promoted as a duty.

This is Project Despair: This Will Happen.  

Watch for this, learn from the experience; and be aware that the answer is in your own hands: Faith, Hope and Love.


Francis Berger said...

I really hope this doesn't pan out, but I can't help but feel that it will. In that event, I suspect Project Despair will swing into force the second the economic impact of what has occurred in recent weeks begins to be felt and people start losing their jobs en masse.

The despair will then deepen as the financial/economic devastation continues - bank runs, lack of necessary products/food, monetary collapse, and so forth.

I really hate having to contemplate these things, let alone write about them, but there's a very real chance that circumstances will become really grim, really fast.

Hope, love, and faith should always be there guiding us, but if the worst case scenario does unfold, it might be all we have left - if we choose to accept this answer, that is.

Thomas Paine's "these are the times that try men's souls" springs to mind whenever I start thinking about what is happening today. Only that line, not the context from which it was taken. These times are going to try our souls - no doubt about it.

(On a side note: I've always found it somewhat of a strange coincidence that a man named Paine came up with that line.)

Cererean said...

On the other hand... if people are forced back into small groups of people (including their families!), it could have the opposite effect.

BC, why do you think the UK government is going for something completely different to the rest of the world, attempting to quarantine the vulnerable whilst letting it burn through the rest of the populace?

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - There is always genuine reason for Hope - which is the greatest fear of the Establishment. They know They are playing a dangerous game - and they have that big advantage over the masses who haven't a clue what's going-on and resist finding out.

I'd say there is only one strategy, among the Establishment everywhere in The Developed World - they are all aiming at the same thing: a global totalitarian situation.

Local differences are merely tactical and intended to be temporary, and every day shows this by overturning policies and statements from a few days earlier.

The key thing (for the Global Them) is where we are heading, not how we get there (about which they are flexible and expedient, taking into account local conditions).

Brief Outlines said...

Thank you Bruce, this is helpful.
In painting, if you want to give the feeling of a bright sunny day to your picture, you don't paint the light, rather you accentuate and strengthen the shadows - and the observer's figuration "sees the light" as a result. In a similar way, this nightmare crisis, with its evil darkness, is revealing Christ to anyone with the figuration to see Him.