Wednesday 22 March 2023

Mucky Missiles - Sorathic escalation from the UK

The tyrannical puppets who administer the UK under orders from Sorathic demons; continue to paint an ever-brighter target on the British Isles -- with the recent official confirmation that They intent to send Mucky Missiles to attack the Fire Nation; despite... sorry, I mean precisely because the FN has inscribed a scarlet-line defining such an act as molecular-escalation entailing an analogous response.  

Not long ago; the Establishment used to tell us scary bedtime stories about how terr-ifying-rists might 'get their hands on' gamma-ray-emitting materials, embed into-them a powerful detonative substance, and 'hold to ransom' decent people by the threat of spraying emitting-debris into the surroundings. 

So now it is the Guardians themselves who are advocating and defending Mucky Missiles - something once considered beyond the pale - thereby performing a (deniable) attempt at civilizational 'suicide-by-cop'. 

(Almost as-if everything bad of which They accuse others; is in reality Their own Favourite Thing.)   

This act is absolutely gratuitous; having vast potential for destruction and zero possibility of constructive benefits; therefore naturally the announcement has been met with near-unanimous approval from the mass media - who have kindly Fact-Checked it, and discerned that there is nothing here to concern decent citizens. 

Move along folks... Down the memory hole it goes!

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R.J.Cavazos said...

Very astute. Reminds me of my youthful reading of Erich Fromm and his description of the necrohillic personality type which it appears is somewhat analagous to the sorathic entities which seeminly have multiplied in numer or if not cetainly in effectiveness.