Friday 19 November 2010

Linked performers and composers


In my personal pantheon there are three (and only three) examples of favourite performers linked with favourite composers:

Julian Bream and John Dowland

Glenn Gould and J.S. Bach

Joshua Rifkin and Scott Joplin

Each of these linkages has lasted over thirty years, so far.



dearieme said...

I recommend the CD "Fingerbreaker" by Morten Gunnar Larsen: 10 rags (4by Joplin, 3 by James Scott and 3 by Joseph Lamb) and 8 Early Jazz Piano pieces (3 by Jelly Roll Morton, 3 by Willie 'The Lion' Smith and 2 by Eubie Blake). It's nice stuff.

Bruce Charlton said...

I'll give it a try!

dearieme said...