Thursday 11 November 2010

Who is safe in a system of political correctness?


There is no safety for the ruling elite in a system of Political Correctness; anyone at all is susceptible to denunciation for any reason or no reason at any time.

This applies to the ultra-PC just as much to the openly reactionary.

Indeed, the PC elite seem more vulnerable - since it is hard to keep-up with the pace of change. One is only a single gaffe away from disaster.

(A gaffe is when an elite PC intellectual accidentally forgets to lie.)

Since PC is a wave of moral 'progress' which leaves-behind all previous moral standards and behaviours - there can be no accumulation of moral capital.


You are only as good as today's match between your motivations and the ever-changing societal symbols of virtue.

PC assumes that (as an elite intellectual) your motivations are bad unless proven good - and motivations cannot be proven.

You cannot ever prove conclusively, against hostile skepticism, that you are deep-down and overall a decent person - not least because it is very unlikely that you are a decent person - after all, who is?.

This means that social diktat (from whatever cause - such as elite competition, the need for a scapegoat, or the whim of the media) can arbitrarily decide at any time to stop giving you the benefit of the intrinsic doubt, and you will be helpless, isolated - potentially stripped of all moral status. 


For the intellectual elite there is no security.

The only security is to be a member, a representative member, of an indulged group. A victim group - a group which is a targeted beneficiary of PC.


As an indulged group member your actions and motivations are tolerated almost without limit - it is a test of PC that this be so.

The degree of PC moral status in the elite correlates closely with the degree of tolerance that you accord to victim groups - when this becomes suicidal license we have entered the realms of PC sainthood.

PC saints are those well-meaning people martyred in pursuit of PC approved activities - idealistic aid workers who choose to devote their lives specifically to assisting societies that are devoted to training anti-Western terrorists, and who (being Westerners) are taken  hostages by these anti-Western terrorists, and continue to support the anti-Western terrorists even unto death - and so on.

To be truly PC is to die for one's delusions; next best is to survive but (sorrowfully) to sacrifice one's family and social group. 


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